Always Online Gaming is already here (video)

There's a more pressing and real Always On scenario which isn't exclusive to next generation consoles but is here right now!

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Baka-akaB1775d ago

Or it's a mmo , even if an hybrid one , you fools .

andrewsqual1775d ago

Is the bigger issue about the online always thing not the fact that games are also rumored to be installed completely to the Next Xbox thus requiring some kind of extra fee if you were to give the same game to a friend?
This could be very easily rectified if they just make it that it requires one of the discs of the game in the console at all times. The always online thing is a tiny extra arse fucking when compared to having to pay for the basic online fee subscription anyway like with the current 7 year console out. If you were always happy to pay for that, the always online thing should not be a big deal to you.

Godmars2901775d ago

Better to show the early attempts from Capcom's arcade classics which slipped in always on DRM for $9 single player PSN/XBL titles. How people got pissed off at them as this was realized as connection issues happened to individuals.

And the bastards are likely still doing it. Just not saying they are - but we'll find out the hard way.

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