Backwards Compatibility

With console manufacturers increasingly neglecting their legacy titles, Chris takes a brief look at the disadvantages of this stance.

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decrypt1803d ago


Console gamers.. Dont care about BC.

For those that do need BC, they can always rebuy HD remakes or pay for Gaikai services.

In any case BC on console is futile. Look at this is way. A game made for the PS2 is made with SUB HD in mind. Play a PS2 game on the PS3 and it still runs at the old res, which causes the user to see jaggies on his new HD TV. The situation will be even worse when 4K TVs become the norm.

Now imagine even if PS3 games were playable on PS4, they would still run at the old resolution. Meaning anyone playing the PS3 game on a 4K TV would be stuck with horrible jaggies.

Hence BC for consoles isnt really feasible.

Anyone looking for true BC should go for the PC platform.

1. The PC platform has the largest library of games compared to any platform out there.

2. It can emulate any console out there (asides Xbox 360 and PS3). Meaning you can play PS2 games on your 1080p tv in 1080p res and not see any horrible jaggies. Hell you could even increase the res to 4k when 4k Tvs are out. Hence its a perma solution. This even applies to PC games not just emulations.

3. No more rebuying HD remakes or paying for online services. Imagine buying HD remake of GTA series on PS3, only not being able to play it on PS4. Hence again having to wait for console makers to rerelease the HD remake for the PS4. Hence buying a game 1 time and being able to play it for a very long time is a advantage PC holds since there are no gens.

Bottom line, if BC doesnt concern you consoles are good. If you do care at all for BC then there really isnt an alternative to the PC.

ATi_Elite1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Actually the PC can emulate the PS3 But yes you make some very good points!

No BC and HD remakes is just ripping off consolers!

Sure SOny has a hand full of Exclusives but the majority of great console games are multiplats that are on the PC too.

I'm not here to say sway people to PC Gaming cause PCG is a whole other world but Backwards Compatibility is FOREVER on the PC.

Not to mention I can play GTAIV forever on my PC and with a Mega Ton of mods that make it the best version ever.

Grand Theft DayZ San Andreas yep I'm playing it!