Retro-Spective: Tie Fighter: How I Hate to See You Die Fighter

"Well LucasArts is dead, but looking at the last decade they weren’t really living. But in its heyday LucasArts was top notch and had a Beatles-Rolling Stones style rivalry for the PC game market. Typically I played Sierra games which taught me how to type out bizarre commands to achieve outrageous goals, but I had a handful of LucasArts games like Day of the Tentacle and Rebel Assault. Also I had the peerless gem Tie Fighter. Tie Fighter was something special. I was semi familiar with the flight sim genre from Sierras Aces of the Pacific series but that gave strove for realism in piloting a World War 2 plane. Tie Fighter too tried for realism but that’s a loose term in the Sci-Fi genre and outer space allowed for much more room to screw around. And screw around I did so let’s reminisce about Tie Fighter."

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