4 Features That Metal Gear Solid V Has To Have

GP writer Jared discusses four features that he hopes Kojima Productions includes in Metal Gear Solid V.

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gameseveryday1950d ago

Great list. Especially the foot tracking.

DS361950d ago

The footprints is the only good one on this list. But this game needs more stealth action in my opinion. MGS4 didn't have as much stealth as the previous titles. If this is Kojima's "last" game, then I hope he rolls all the best features of previous titles into this one.

TesMgsFan1950d ago

The list sucks. Only true mgs fans knows what there needed in MGS 5 !!!

stragomccloud1950d ago

Will there a feature to put David Hayter back in? ...didn't think so. I still can't get over that.

1949d ago
Tdmd1950d ago

"Just set three or four people in the world and let them all go off in different directions to accomplish goals together in real time."

That would be crazy awesome!

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