SpikeDislike 2 Developer Lashes Out at IGN For "Stealing Trailer, Not Giving Credit"

James Gamble, the developer behind indie title SpikeDislike 2, is currently angry at IGN.

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asyouburn1953d ago

Bad ign. Bad, bad! Now go to your room and think about what you've done

listenkids1953d ago

It's IGN, what do you expect? Half their articles originate in some form from Reddit.

gameseveryday1953d ago

I am kinda not sure about this. IGN is the biggest site in the world for video games and normally Youtube owners watermark whatever videos they upload.

IGN's post about them would have given the gamers more exposure about the game. Not sure why would anybody call it stealing. Isn't this free marketing?

from the beach1953d ago

Exactly.. I've never heard of this guy or his games, he should be kissing IGN's feet for any shred of promotion they give him.

matgrowcott1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

So hey, decent comment. I'm going to go and take this comment and stick it onto my super popular website. I'm not going to ask your permission, because my super popular website is awesome, then I'm going to make money on your comment, which you wrote for fun and probably won't ever make anything on.

But screw you if you complain, because without my super popular website, nobody would have even paid any attention to your stupid comment anyway.

I mean, I could have asked permission and linked you as the original writer of the comment so you might at least have a chance at profit, but actually, no.

matgrowcott1953d ago


It's called an analogy. I've just applied to your comment exactly what you think should be applied to this developer.

Sorry, I presumed you'd be able to make the connection between the two.

N4GCB1953d ago

Matgrowcott is correct though, the thing is, this game is free, so IGN making money off of their trailer despite them not making, anything at all is kind of self explanatory.

And who knows, maybe he just dislikes IGN. Nobody wants someone they hate to make money off of their stuff.

Ilovetheps41953d ago

But it was a poor analogy because exposure WILL cause him to get more money for his game. He is getting exposure for his game. I've never even heard of this game before IGN's site. But a comment will make a guy no money even if someone else publishes it because he isn't selling a product.

matgrowcott1953d ago


Remind me, what is a million times nothing?

I'm just trying to work out what this guy's free game is going to earn now that IGN have made their money off it.

There's a 99 cents version on the app store, but given that IGN's CPM is going to be much higher than the income this developer would or will ever have off this game, I think that's a rather moot point. Had they linked to the app store, or even to the free version of the game, this wouldn't be an issue, because they'd be sharing the profit.

As it stands, anybody interested enough would need to go and physically search for this game. Getting people to click a link is difficult enough. The best thing to come out of this situation for the developer is the Reddit and Twitter feedback. Those people may have bought. If he'd kept quiet, nobody would have done.

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Metamorph931953d ago

Developers give companies the rights to post their trailers. Don't have the right to post it and you start making money from something that's not yours, there's a problem. According to the developer, that's exactly what IGN did. It's one thing to just post something and state who has the rights to it. And it's another thing when you claim to own something that's not yours without permission, don't give credit, and you start making money from it.

I take the developer's side on this one.

Waddy1011953d ago

There is a link to his site at the end of the video yet he claims they gave him no credit? They pretty much just gave him some free publicity.

gigoran1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Wait.... One of the most read gaming sites on the Internet gave free promotion for a game that someone is making.... Do the game maker hate money or something?

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