Deo (adventure platformer game for PC)

This is the adventure of the little angel Deo, who has the mission to find the evil demon Lukas, who has stolen his magical crown. To succeed he must pass through five locked gates located across five worlds. The last gate leads to the Lukas' Den, where Deo has to come face to face with Lukas to get his crown back.

The whole adventure consists of five worlds:

Mountains and Valleys -> Aquatic world -> Ice world -> Lava world -> Dark castle

These worlds consit of day/night/afternoon levels with snowy, foggy, rainy and stormy weather for one unforgettable and exciting adventure. To be able to pass to the next world Deo has to complete a magical melody and play it to unlock each world's gate. Besides the notes Deo can collect gems, golden keys, cure and health pack, invincibility crowns and others.

The game features various enemies such as flying bats, wizards, poisonous plants and chests, falling icicles, movable platforms and many others.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1923d ago

Looks like a Spyro the dragon clone.