Take-Two: New Civilization Will 'Never' Come To PC

"This is not a PC game," said producer Jason Bergman to MTV Multiplayer. "It's been designed as a console game. It's very, very different from 'Civ[ilization] 4' and we don't want it to be looked at as 'Civ[ilization] 5.' We don't want people to think that this is meant to replace the existing 'Civ' games. This is a totally different game, created exclusively for consoles. It is never coming to PC."

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JoelR3726d ago

Never - is a long time
Am somewhat surprised but I commend them for that commitment.

Chubear3726d ago

Developers are going to have to make sure they understand that the console base is very different from the PC base so they have to be catered to instead of trying to shoehorn a PC game into a console arena - that would be sure disater in the make.

I think PC developers bringing traditional viewed PC games to console understand this as we've seen from such games like BFME II and with developers like Sid taking that knowledge further, I think they and the console community will be in great shape to share these gaming experiences.

Fux4Bux3726d ago

Thank god. Imo the PC civilization is too simple let alone this further dumbed down console trash.

Iceman100x3726d ago

Then that means it destined to be a failure.

jinn3726d ago

aww man, now what r we gonna play? lol

Charlie26883726d ago

So this gonna be more like SimCity Societies compared to the regular SimCity...ok gotcha