Hey Look, It's A Dude Blowing Up A Wii U With C4

Kotaku: ''The headline says it all—the guys at Rated RR have gone ahead and blown up a Wii U using C4 plastic explosive. (Though first, they shot the Wii U controller with a Barrett MRAD sniper rifle.) They've filmed it all in slow-motion. Enjoy.''

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WilliamH1952d ago

Some people have more money than sense. What a waste although that bullet did tear it apart pretty easily

D_RoyJenkins1952d ago

I thought that was a perfectly good use of a Wii U. Way more entertaining than playing it imo.

stragomccloud1952d ago

It's sad and awesome at the same time. Well, I guess it's better to retire something in a blaze of glory.

LOL_WUT1952d ago

Pretty cool video very entertaining. ;)

stragomccloud1952d ago

How could anyone disagree with that?
I mean geez how much of a fanboy do you have to be to not somehow enjoy seeing that!?

G20WLY1952d ago

Man, the Wii U EXPLODED this week... ;P

na-no-nai1952d ago

wonder would they do the ps4 and the xbox720 once they come out. I mean why not if they willing to shoot and blow up the wii u