Director Says Over My Dead Body Sequel For Vita Is Still Moving Forward

Siliconera: ''We haven’t heard much about the sequel to the obscure PSOne RPG, Over My Dead Body, since last year’s announcement at Tokyo Game Show. Director Shoji Masuda weighs in on the subject and talks about their current progress.''

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sinncross1924d ago

I really want Sony to bring this over to the West. But if they do they should bring the PSP one first. Even if these games remain digital only in the West it is still nice to see that Sony still keeps itself in the JRPG market.

sherimae24131924d ago

i know this game has a very high chance of being localized,
sony is pushing this game and they must bring it here unlike its predecessor
pls sony... vita needs more jrpgs
who knows this game might be the ni no kuni of ps vita ^_^
i love the ink style cel-shaded grahpics of this game from tgs

SOD_Delta1924d ago

I still hope PSO2 comes to NA (On Vita). I'm looking forward to Ys Memories of Celceta. Hopefully the Vita can get the JRPG ball rolling soon and hopefully most will be released in NA.