EA, could this be the end of a Gaming Giant?

After being named ‘Worst Company in America’ again, and with their recent layoffs of most of its Montreal studio, EA’s horrible reputation with gamers is starting to catch up with them. Could this be the end of a gaming giant?

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OmegaSlayer1922d ago

Exactly, NO.
But I wonder if the supposed allegiance with Microsoft will do them more good or harm.

Good_Guy_Jamal1922d ago

They realised that they backed the wrong horse this gen. Most of EA's profits come from the Xbox 360 as far as consoles are concerned.

dedicatedtogamers1922d ago

If bad press alone was enough to ruin a major tech company, then Microsoft would never have been around long enough to make Windows 98.

Rusty5151922d ago

Stupid article. EA isn't going anywhere. Even if their reputation is shit, their always gonna survive off of madden, NCAA, and FIFA.

boybato1922d ago

Don't forget Battlefield.

sjaakiejj1922d ago

and Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Command & Conquer, Crysis.

The company has countless franchises that perform exceptionally well in the market - like you said, EA isn't going anywhere, but it's not only because of their Sports branch.

Rusty5151922d ago

I know. I just used their sports games as an example because most people who buy sports games yearly are so unaware of the crap EA tries to pull so they'd buy the games even if they were shit.

pompombrum1922d ago


I disagree, I think the average sports game fan is starting to see EA for what they really are. Using fifa for example, it has so many bugs in the retail version that even the most casual fan can be effected and start to lose patience. A friend of mine could no longer play his career on Fifa as it crashed every time he tried to save.. he eventually sold the game and has moved over to pes.

Stefanrules71922d ago

Erm .... Medal of Honor is canned

PS4isKing_821922d ago

Nope. Battlefield 4 and PS4/720 will see them come back strong. I personally hope they have a new ssx, burnout and need for speed around the launch of the new consoles. When done right, EA has some of my fav ips.

torchic1922d ago

after they were named "Worst Company in America" their share price still increased on the day

typical dumb article from a gaming journalist

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The story is too old to be commented.