PS4′s Not So Secret Weapons For Longevity | PS4 AMD APU

Emrah writes:

PS4 boasts an APU with features that current PC’s do not have access to. This will change in future, but since every PS4 will have a fixed set of features, those features on PS4 is more likely to be utilized.

What is an APU? It is a processor with integrated CPU and GPU, where the CPU and GPU share the same die. They are part of AMD’s vision for Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA), formerly known as Fusion. The tools to make the most out of HSA systems is maturing, and it will take time before developers can get to grips with this.

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theBAWSE1834d ago

I bet Sony wish that they waited till April to show the ps4.. As it is obvious it's caused ms to go back to the drawing board and make adjustments to the new xbox hence the recent delays....

Sony need to be more smart they showed their hand way too early

THC CELL1834d ago

Do u really think Sony will give final spec before ms bwhahaha, save the best till last

cayleee1834d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

"Do u really think Sony will give final spec before ms bwhahaha, save the best till last"

Does that really matter when most games are being announced at 720p or 30fps. Nothing jaw dropping at all about the hardware. After all the hype for 1080p 60fps (which is nothing great by the way, its so 2006 lol). What a dissapointment.

Could just be this is the reason why Sony is so tight lipped about the GPU specs and all they do mention is the 8 GB GDDR5 RAM, which has no relevance what so ever in terms of processing power. Oh well GDDR 6 is out next year(that would be few months after PS4 release), just proves Sony is using last gen tech in their next gen console.


BF4 rumored to be 720p.
Theif aimed at 30fps.
KZ only 30fps.

The above is nothing mind blowing at all, so why delude the people into thinking PS4 is some supercomputer.

I dont hate consoles, ill be buying a PS4 1-2 years into its launch once it has some exclusives out.


I know Frame rate or Resolution gets compromised depending on the graphics fidelity. However the point is if the PS4 was so powerful the devs wouldnt need to make these compromises to begin with, atleast not in the start of the gen when graphics arent be pushed so hard. The standard may be dropped later on as grpahics are pushed higher.

However given that there are compromises to begin with, it shows us that there are hardware limitations and honestly i think its irresponsible to be falsely hyping a machine, it just creates disappointment when people have very high expectations.

Last gen MS had a standard as 720p being the minimum, as the gen progressed and the console could no longer cope with 720p the standard was dropped inorder to make way for better looking gmaes. The same will happen this gen, however thing is we are already struggling with 1080p. Most likely it will be dropped at and most games will be 720p. Which again is nothing mind blowing.

Ezz20131834d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


what ps4 game is 720p ?!
can you add link to back you up too

and also if you hate consoles so much
what are you doing in consoles articles ?!

EDIT: @cayleee
** BF4 rumored to be 720p. **

news flash for you
rumors are not facts
also i don't care what pc fanboys say

deepdown/killzone SF/Infamous SS/Knack/DriveClub
look as good as the best pc can offer and those are just launch titles ...they still trying to understand the console

also we still didn't see the top dogs of sony's 1st/2nd party studios like ND and SSM.etc
which will blow every one away
hell, they still do that with ps3

AsimLeonheart1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


Man, I am tired of explaining this to so many gamers. It is up to the developers to make a game 1080p or 720p and 60FPS or 30FPS. It is not only a matter of console power. When you increase the graphical detail or display resolution of a game, the frame rate drops. The developers just try to achieve a graphical detail and resolution at which they can maintain steady 30FPS. If they wanted to they could lower the graphical detail some more and increase the resolution and FPS to 1080p and 60FPS respectively. It is a trade-off and developers choose what is more important. Only PCs can have 1080p, 60FPS and highest possible graphical detail because the hardware is customizable and you can just put the bigger/ better GPU until you achieve the desired performance.

EDIT: It does not means the PS4 is underpowered. Even the GTX Titan could not produce 1080p and 60 FPS if the developers do not want it to. They could just increase graphical detail even more and again settle for 720p and 30FPS. Secondly, you get what you pay for. PS4 is barely going to be half the price of the GTX Titan. The performance we will be getting for $400/$500 is well worth the price. Can you create a PC within the $400/$500 with the same components/specs and performance? Moreover, if you build one, will it be able to keep up with the games 5 years down the road?

M-M1833d ago


Since you think you're a good troll on here, let me say this to you. When someone proves your facts wrong(we know they're wrong and you're trolling), we just say what needs to be said to get it through the heads of those who are confused about the whole next gen deal. In other words, when someone proves your facts wrong here in the comments section, we're commenting to those who are looking for the correct answers, nobody really cares what you have to say.

decrypt1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


You can easily create a 500usd PC as of today that plays todays games in 1080p 60fps. Same will be the case when PS4 releases.

Top of the line hardware is always expensive, mentioning GTX titan is irrelevant, since its being sold at a premium. Its limited edition hardware.

Console hardware doesnt magically get stronger ever year. Hence no reason why a PC shouldnt be able to last 5 years. Check the 8800GTX 6 years old and still runs most games out there in 1080p, meanwhile consoles run most games in 720p, that equation has pretty much been there since the launch of current consoles and the 8800GTX.

Even then every game bought on PC is cheaper, which just means you could probably end up getting a free upgrade in 3-4 years time.

Ezz20131833d ago


here's the thing
you are talking about Console hardware doesnt magically get stronger ever year which you are right in this part
but you still fail to understand
that with each year devs will know the hardware better and with each year games will only keep looking better and better untill the next gen consoles arrive

same thing with ps3
look at it first game and then look at it latest games the last of us/beyond/god of war ascension etc

so if you think those ps4 launch titles(which look very incredible already) is all what ps4 can do
then you are for 1000th time wrong again

blackbeld1833d ago

Guys, I hear from some developers telling.

That the PS4 also have some upgradable parts to endure its longevity with the PC's.

This is only a rumour but mark my words the PS4 is really future proof for ten years to come.

Mr_Writer851833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


Name me one game where the graphics and framerate improved the following.

Game mechanics
Good written and voiced characters


ProjectVulcan1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It'll take developers a while to figure out any quirks of the hardware, much like any consoles. You will get better squeezing out performance a couple years down the line.

It is a gradual process and it won't produce miracles of performance leaps, just progressive evolution over the life of the machine.

Sony and Microsoft are fighting to distinguish themselves in a difficult competitive market.

The BEST way to do this is always your games lineup.


Microsoft are determined to take over the living room, I really want someone to keep their eye on the ball and take over my Gaming preferences, NOT my living room....

My money will head most to the system with the best set of games I want to play that I can't play anywhere else.

Rhythmattic1833d ago


"Could just be this is the reason why Sony is so tight lipped about the GPU specs and all they do mention is the 8 GB GDDR5 RAM, which has no relevance what so ever in terms of processing power."

Correct as your statement is, 8 Gb GDDR5 is better than less...

A hypothetical... ... Lets have a limited 500Mb of DDR3 On a MOFO GPU/CPU ... Ram does effect the performance as a sum, dosent it?

bangshi1833d ago

Not only that - but Microsoft would have to encounter massive delays if they changed from their original plans too much.

The problem changing late is not just the difficulty if some of the components - some you can easily change but others (mainly the important bits) cannot be changed in a matter of days or with any ease.

The other side of the coin is games.

You can't go back to the devs and say 'hey you know those specs and dev kit we gave you. It has totally changed now. We're having x instead of y - but don't worry you can change all of your code easy, right?'

That would a) pee them off and b) take a long time.

They should keep their original plan, even if it is worse than the PS4 because as long as it is somewhere near it all it would end up doing is holding the PS4 back if devs go with the lowest denominator crap again.

cLiCK_sLiCK91833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Lets not sit here and pretend resolution and framerate is everything when it comes to graphics. A game like Super Mario 64, running @1080p 60fps, will still have inferior graphics compared to those of the Uncharted series @720p 30fps.

dcbronco1833d ago

PC gamers talk about the power of PC parts and what they can do. At what point does further spending become a waste. How many more fps are enough or at what resolution on that 23" monitor. Let's be realistic, 4k on a monitor doesn't make a lot of sense. Unless it's a 60" monitor. And doesn't it become a waste when developers could do so much more with time and the same hardware. Buying new hardware to brute force results instead of improving the current is just about selling GPUs. Why buy something like Titan when two cards can beat it for less money. Space needs aside.


We don't really know what Microsoft has or what it can do. Basing things on rumors is a mistake. Especially when the rumors are cherry picked to fit a mind-set. It crazy how much like politics gaming news has gotten. People choose a side and ignore anything positive about the other side. Every negative MS rumor has to be true and every positive one was paid for or is a lie.

There is no reason to believe MS has gone back to the drawing board because there is no reason to believe their console is less of anything. Even if the RAM rumors are true, what about the rumors that the next Xbox will be able almost equal GDDR5s BW. The PS4 has a more powerful GPU? Four cores are for compute so there are only 2 more. Plus what about the 720 GPU being 90-100% efficient. That would more than make up for the GPU difference. And why would developers need to change code if MS used the same GPU with more cores.

What about the rumors that the 720 has more than one GPU. What about the fact that AMD and MS have worked together on APUs since five or six years ago and some of what AMD does in their APUs came from MS. People are assuming a lot of things because MS is silent and maybe MS is silent because they aren't the least bit worried about what they've seen.

I'm a Broncos fan. I remember all of the "experts" were saying the Broncos were scared of the Packers in Super Bowl 32 because they were so quiet and respectful. But they were quiet and respectful because they knew they were better. Shanahan told his team to let them talk. Rumors are just talk. Lets wait for the game.

dale_denton1833d ago


malokevi1833d ago

You're all forgetting that the software that developers use improves over time, as well.

Studios developing for PC, PS4 and Nextbox will all be using the same graphic engines and design software.

And, as usual, the difference will be negligible until the PC pulls ahead near the end of the console lifecycle.

...Whenever that is.

Ritsujun1833d ago

cayleee is bieberly mad.

Ragthorn1833d ago

I know I will get disagreed on this but, I play on PC and on my PS3, but PC will always be ahead in the graphics department. It will however, not stop me from getting the PS4, because I love the Playstation exclusives. Please, Im not trying to be a PC Fanboy and PS4 is going to be really good and I will admit they have improved ALOT, but PC is always the way to go with graphics.

Tontus1833d ago


Do you not understand that it's always the developers choice on whether they go for 720p or 1080p or 30fps or 60fps. If they wanted to they could have 1080p @ 60fps as the standard on current gen consoles but they chose better graphics over higher res/fps because most people prefer better looking games.

Some developers also choose 30fps because it has a more cinematic look. If the developers of Killzone: SF wanted to they could easily par the graphics back a little bit and run the game at 60fps, that's not what they want and it's not what the mass majority want. We want amazing looking games and a solid 30fps is perfectly playable. I don't like the look of 60fps anyway, everything looks cartoonishly fast and unnatural and it always will do until games have film quality motion-blur and effects.

PS4 has amazing specs and it'll take a long time before the average PC gamers rig will have games with comparable visuals. Killzone: Shadow Fall already looks far better than the best looking PC games now and it's unfinished & built on unfinished specs. God of War IV, Ucharted 4 are still to come, they will look cgi-like, good enough for me.

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clintos591834d ago

There isn't really nothing to be afraid about with microsoft. They arent really a threat with anything game related. They just do alot of their talking with their wallets. Goodluck to them trying to beat sony with a cablebox. Ps4 is just all around better if your looking for the best gaming experience out of the 2.

GamersRulz1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

yeah, its like they shop CPU/GPU component at walmart!

you know that engineering a console takes YEARS of development and planning.

if anything Sony did, is taking MS off guard and making them push their announcement back one month.

Ezz20131834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

correct me if i'm wrong
sony still didn't reveal what GPU/CPU ps4 using ...right ?!

they didn't confirm any thing yet about the final kit
the only thing they did confirm was the RAM

so how MS will know what sony have when sony still didn't reveal it final spec ?!

GamersRulz1834d ago

Sony revealed that they are using a supercharged 8-core amd CPU (Jaguar)+ 1.84TF AMD Next Generation Radeon Based GPU + 8GB GDDR5 RAM

Check this official link for more info:

DarkHeroZX1833d ago

@ GamersRulz

This is true but who's to say that this wasn't a strategy to force MS to draw their hand? The could be going with a more powerful set up, or even have a second GPU for all we truly know which would also make sense as to why we didn't actually get to see a console.I don't think we'll know anything for sure until E3.

hellvaguy1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Not to tick anyone off or anything, but you guys do realize that both Sony and MS are using a mid-grade laptop cpu and gpu right? Not even remotely close in raw power to a desktop. It's frankly impossible to even consider having desktop components in a small form console box due to the heat and power requirements.

I get the whole optimization and faster running console OS, but you do need to be aware of that fact. Plus, not having a solid state hard drive (waiting on final specs of course) will only further slow down consoles.

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MasterCornholio1834d ago

Sony didn't reveal everything about the hardware. We still don't know the exact architecture of the GPU and CPU.

If Microsoft wants to make any drastic changes to their consoles design they will be forced to delay it which will give Sony a big advantage this holiday season.

Deal with it

Motorola RAZR i

Indo1833d ago

Sony still got some secrets to reveal later down the road that will help keep its hype up till they release the PS4. M$ silence is unusual as at first I thought MS would announce their Next-Gen console first. This transition for both companies is way different than the beginning of this gen.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

irepbtown1833d ago

Have to agree, the PS4 reveal in my eyes was more of a starter. Still main course and dessert left.


fermcr1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Why do most Sony fanboys think that Microsoft delayed the next Xbox announcement?

The only timer i know about is Major Nelson's timer for the countdown to E3 2013, and that wasn't altered.
Was there a official date or timer for the announcement of the next Xbox that most people were unaware of, and got delayed?

Why do Sony fanboys think that Microsoft is obliged to present the next Xbox right after the PS4 announcement, and why are they so bothered because Microsoft didn't announce the next Xbox right after the PS4 announcement?

Do Sony fanboys know the meaning of patience ?

imahustla191833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

there was an announcement planed for April but it was pushed back a month. heres a link.

on top of that the only people i hear wanting an announcement from microsoft are xbox some fact checking before you post.

fermcr1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

You gave a link to a RUMOR ? Are you kidding me ?

Think before you post !

"on top of that the only people i hear wanting an announcement from microsoft are xbox fans."

In all honesty I've have seen Sony fanboys more worried about the next Xbox then Microsoft fanboys.

Belking1833d ago

"Do Sony fanboys know the meaning of patience"

They are a little scared that MS reveal will overshadow Sony's( which it will) reveal. MS will have a much better show and it won't be so half assed and rushed like the one sony had. There is no need to rush anything. Nothing sony showed was grounbreaking. Games seemed to not have a significant jump everyone was expecting. I can clearly see why MS is waiting. The biggest highlight of the show was the increase in RAM which in the end won'y make hardly any difference.

torchic1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

when will people learn that Microsoft CAN'T add major changes to the primary architecture right now without pushing back the release date by AT LEAST a year.

what's done is done. Microsoft know what they're doing, they know what they want from their console and most importantly they know how they want to position their console in the market.

Microsoft is primarily a software giant so we can't expect them to outperform one of the biggest hardware giants in the world in Sony.

CC-Tron1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Sony didn't design the hardware in the PS4 so your last point is wrong. All built by outside manufacturers. They aren't even going with custom hardware.

KwietStorm1833d ago


Sony didn't literally build the parts inside it, but it's obviously built to their specifications. It's their product. They received recommendations, but the final design got the ok from Sony.

seanpitt231833d ago

Microsoft could only change the ram the gpu and cpu would have already been designed for them by AMD and Microsoft its to late to change anything else these machines have been in development for 5 years or so.

Clarence1833d ago

1. Do you know how much it would cost M$ to start over from scratch?
2. You really think Sony would show their final specs

b_one1833d ago

yeah right u think they can change specs months before launch :) ?

T21833d ago

Ya because making a console and developing better games just requires throwing in whatever tech your competition used ... / S

Sy_Wolf1833d ago

Yeah no. It's too late for Microsoft to change anything significant. The most they could change is the RAM and even that may not be possible.

princejb1341833d ago

how is it obvious?
did MS say they had the go back to change it
did MS announce a nextbox yet
so is not that obvious
we can only assume they did though

wishingW3L1833d ago

GPU still hasn't been detailed. All Sony said was, 1.8 GFLOPS, and that is it. But somehow people are already talking about GCN count and stuff just by looking at off the shelf GPUs with similar GFLOPS output.

KwietStorm1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

So not only are you assuming all rumors about Microsoft's unveiling are true, to the point that it's "obvious," but you think that by delaying their reveal by a month or two, they will go back and alter the actual physical architecture of their console, all because Sony showed "early," and all while still moving forward with their own plans that have already accrued millions in R&D. Yes, I can see you have a point there. But in all seriousness, no, no you don't have a plausible point at all.

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fOrlOnhOpe571834d ago

Sony's greatest strength to be the best and stay on top with the PS4 - having the best 1st partydevelopment teams.

duli141833d ago

its crazy how strong sony's first party line up is now compared to the launch of the ps3. most of the third party exclusives at the time was going multiplatform and I think sony realised they can't rely on third parties to make exclusive games just for the ps3. tbh they don't even have to pay for any third party exclusives or content anymore, just make their own games.

1834d ago Replies(1)
Agent_hitman1834d ago

Great!, the APU can do a lot more productivity due to it's SoC architecture. This time SONY made a great decision.

sfalexl211833d ago

I think by creating a great system for which any indie developer can use, Sony has ensured success in the gaming business. The quality and artistic vision in some indie games already far surpass that of most AAA titles. And they're only going to get better.

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