"Injustice: Gods Among Us - Opening cinematic (Spoiler)

Injustice is just days away from release so let the fan boys begin the freak out. NetherRealm Studios,

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Sandmano1927d ago

Not that I care about this game, Nobody likes spoilers. IP ban this imbecile please...

slapsta721927d ago

Love how the spoiler warning comes after the spoiler itself. you're doing it wrong.

ROQFrost1927d ago

Man the fan boys are going to rage! Superman does not kill people. Thats crazy!

skeletons1926d ago

sounds like its doing a real..... Injustice..... to the source material...

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CZUM1926d ago

I guess you didn't reda Injustice Gods Among Us comic book

LOL_WUT1926d ago

Leave it to NetherRealm to bastardize this game which could've been MK 10 or even a new Shaolin Monks type adventure game. ;)

Mounce1926d ago

Superman doesn't kill? He killed Lex Luthor in an alternate reality annnnnd he was Pro-Lobotomizing for quite some time in multiple realities too....

Lobotomizing is pretty much worse than death.

Baka-akaB1926d ago

Alternate reality like you mentioned , so not really "our" superman

Mounce1926d ago

@Baka - Indeed, but one cannot say 'Superman doesn't kill', it simply is that we're used to 'Our' primary Superman being able to resist while many other alternate Supermans have already fallen, same for Batman.

Superman can kill, Batman usually in majority of realities still doesn't kill. Just of course varies on what world on whether or not Superman kills.

Stevefantisy1927d ago

Superman is only doing what Batman should have done ages ago..

Pozzle1927d ago

That's one thing I've personally always liked about Batman. By letting Gotham's criminals live (and subsequently escape and kill more people), he is arguably just as insane as they are. Is he really fighting for justice and to wipe crime from the streets so that no child has to suffer the loss of family like he did...or is he just a bored billionaire who enjoys beating the shit out of people he deems "criminals"? If he killed people like the Joker, he'd have nobody to square off against.

E.G. In one of the comics, Joker is put on death row for a crime he didn't commit...and Batman rescues him because Joker was innocent of that particular crime. Nevermind the fact that Joker has killed hundreds (thousands?) of people in the past and has destroyed half of Gotham in the process; he was "innocent" of that one crime, so Batman deemed him worthy of rescuing. Hell, in The Killing Joke, Batman has a chat and a laugh with him at the end of the comic as though they're best friends...mere hours after the Joker shot Batgirl in the spine. It really shows where Bats' mental state is when he can have such meaningful scenes with people like the Joker better than he can with his own family and friends.

KillrateOmega1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Same here, man.

I understand that he's trying to do what he believes is right and just, but at a what point does justice become injustice? Particularly in the case of the Joker, who has killed so many, and will obviously kill many more if he can. By killing Joker, he'd save so many more lives than if he were to just beat him up a bit and throw him in Arkham, only to have him escape again within months.

Is it strength or weakness that keeps him from crossing that line? Is he sane or insane? Is he being responsible or irresponsible?

One thing is for certain: It makes for quite the compelling read :)

1926d ago
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