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Submitted by GamingAngelGabriel 961d ago | opinion piece

Why Halo 2 Is The Greatest Game Of All Time

“Sir, finishing this fight”. The ship hurtled towards Earth as the Chief held on, bracing for impact. The Prophet of Truth and his men were on humanities doorstep. The fight had finally come to this point. (Halo 2, Xbox)

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Root  +   962d ago
Greatest games don't have crap endings

Sorry but it had to be said
coolbeans  +   962d ago

Shenmue II, Batman:AA, Bioshock, etc. can't be considered among the greatest because of the bland final moments? That's preposterous.
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Root  +   962d ago
I'm not saying that but if your going to say it's the "greatest" game of ALL TIME then it's a totally different story. if your going to pick a game to be the greatest game of all time, it would have to be...well perfect really. If it has a bad ending, AKA a fault, then you couldn't really say it's the greatest of all time.

Great...fair enough, which Halo 2 is, but of all

Anyway Bioshock, Batman AA...bad ?
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coolbeans  +   962d ago
Since when did greatest of all time mean "flawless?" You mention any title and there's certainly someone there to pay criticism over certain aspects of the game, regardless of how how minute they are.

"Bioshock, Batman AA...bad ?"

Seems to have been the consensus for a while now.
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Root  +   962d ago
Uncharted 2, Final Fantasy 6-9, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Super Mario 64, Half Life I saying they are flawless, no but they're a better choice of picking them as the greatest game of all time when the faults of these games are very low. When you have a bad ending, it's a pretty big thing because it stands out, I could call Mass Effect the best trilogy of this gen but I don't, want to know why, the third one was inferior to the other two and the ending was terrible.

If the flaws are small then no body will care, they'll enjoy the game for what it is (few bugs, glitch here and there etc) but an ending to a game you've just played all the way through....sorry but to me thats a big thing because it's closing the story of a game your enjoy and investing your time into. It's like a flim if you start watching a film, get really into it and then find yourself witnessing a terrible ending which ruins the film then you come out of the cinema a little disappointed.

"Seems to have been general consensus for a while now."

Not really, I havent seen these two games on the majority of "Top (Number) Bad endings" lists you get on sites like this one...some but not a lot.
coolbeans  +   962d ago
"Uncharted 2, Final Fantasy 6-9, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, Super Mario 64, Half Life I saying they are flawless, no but they're a better choice of picking them as the greatest game of all time when the faults of these games are very low."

I contend that some of those listed have problems (in story, gameplay, or both) that would make H2's ending seem innocuous in comparison, but...okay let's say I 100% agreed with you on the games you've listed: you're still going against what you've originally stated before. First, you note a fault disqualifies them for the "greatest game" honor; now, finding very few random faults is fine.

But now I completely understand thanks to this tidbit:

"When you have a bad ending, it's a pretty big thing..."

I honestly don't think so. Given the numerous hours the game may have provided beforehand, filled with excellent design and more, it seems silly to determine those final minutes (or hour if MGS) as being a negative that can deny it from "greatest all time," especially so when it comes to video games.

"I havent seen these two games on the majority of "Top (Number) Bad endings" lists you get on sites like this one...some but not a lot."

Given the thousands of games out there, isn't the fact that they arrive on "some" of those Top 10 lists safe for anyone to assume they are considered "bad" (as you stated in 2nd comment) by most gamers?
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loulou  +   961d ago
halo 2 was a cliffhanger... when i think of the ending, i am always reminded of the empire strikes backs cliffhanger

edit no halo 2 is not greatest game of all time at at all. the campaign wasn't that great in all honesty
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vulcanproject  +   961d ago
Halo 2 was a huge letdown RE: campaign!

It went from a game that was campaign focused and amazing because of it (Halo), to a game that was purposely forced into the online arena by Microsoft to promote the early days of their Xbox Live service. This was at the huge detriment of a short rushed campaign that was a let down.

Bungie themselves scrapped the graphics engine, then the campaign they had designed and had to start over, but had no time to finish what they wanted and polish it and admitted as such as the pressure from Microsoft ensured a fixed release date.

Then to actually finish the story arc you had to buy a whole other new platform as the series moved straight to Xbox 360!

That was an insane decision.

I will credit it with the huge explosion in Xbox live and online console gaming, it deserves all the credit for that achievement.

But the campaign debacle puts it down the list of best Halo games let alone best games ever for me...
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coolbeans  +   961d ago

Although I recall that statement by Bungie, it seems unfair to use behind-the-scenes info you've heard from the creators as leverage about the game's quality, when you should be focused on the game itself.

"This was at the huge detriment of a short rushed campaign that was a let down."

I honestly don't see how anyone would've determined that without Bungie talking about H2's development. Short? I recall it having more levels than CE, none of which demanded backtracking through earlier levels.
vulcanproject  +   961d ago
You don't think anyone would have questioned why the campaign ended so abruptly akin to a car crash?

Then obviously you don't think of enough questions. Immediately after the campaign ended my thoughts instantly turned to: Why?

Knowing what I know and how the developers themselves admitted post production that the game wasn't given nearly the polish or time they would like just reinforces that feeling of incompleteness and in fact justifies my points of it.

Halo 2 isn't even the best Halo game, so it can't be the best game ever.

Suggesting that we don't use hindsight to judge games is a bit bonkers coolbeans cos that's what you are saying effectively!
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coolbeans  +   961d ago
"You don't think anyone would have questioned why the campaign ended so abruptly akin to a car crash?"

Eh...I never even teased the notion that gamers wouldn't question the nature of the abrupt ending. And who's to say I didn't wonder why also?

"Suggesting that we don't use hindsight to judge games is a bit bonkers coolbeans cos that's what you are saying effectively!"

I'm not necessarily stipulating that since it's impossible NOT to use hindsight in this regard altogether. In the context of your first post, that response is there to point out how most of your "points" are things outside the sphere of the campaign you PLAYED and just the stuff that transpired in development, slimming whatever experiences you personally found disappointing WITHIN the game to just be the ending.

It's one thing to judge games in hindsight, it's something else entirely for hindsight act as your main source of criticism in leiu of your personal experiences of the campaign.
vulcanproject  +   961d ago
I think you are plainly mistaken if you believe my criticism of the game was based solely on the knowledge that the developer rushed the game.

You need to read my first comment again properly.

I clearly started out pointing out that I believed the campaign was inferior to Halo's and a let down.

Then I went on to explain one of the reasons why the overall quality was lower than Halo. I (and many of the developers) believe that to be so- i.e the rushed nature of the title and lack of polish from the developers.

I reserved further explanations on my viewpoint that the game was rushed, campaign, multiplayer exploits etc and didn't mention them specifically there before your poorly formed attack on my comment.

If you can't read my comment in its proper order, a judgement, and expansion on that thereof with additional information via hindsight, then I can't help you.
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da_2pacalypse  +   961d ago
I'd say Halo CE is the best halo. Sure Halo 2 had good online. But I actually liked Halo CE multiplayer much more. Also, Halo CE campaign was fantastic!
coolbeans  +   961d ago
"I think you are plainly mistaken if you believe my criticism of the game was based solely on the knowledge that the developer rushed the game."

I know you're mistaken if you believe I even suggested that were the case. I also don't ever hint at the notion you don't provide ANY of your personal opinion on the game itself. My address in regards to points made in your first comment should clearly indicate a greater inclusion of what happened around the game's development rather than the game itself. I'll humor you by jotting out your first comment:

-After one sentence, most of your next point brings up Microsoft's plan for the game. The "short, rushed" portion I actually challenge as hyperbolic later on has still been ignored by you.

-Next point is all about the development process for the game.

-...and finally bringing up the notion of Halo 2 acting as "hype" for MS' next console

I..don't really see how I can't be inclined to question which is driving your stance on the games' quality within your first comment: the game itself or what happened outside of it.


Not Infinite. Bioshock 1.
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HammadTheBeast  +   961d ago
I disagree, how did Bioshock Infinite have a bland ending?
Washington-Capitals  +   961d ago
Halo 2 ushered in the online gameplay for consoles. It was innovative in that facet. Did a much better job than Socom on PS2. Halo spurred stuff like MLG and competitive game as well.
Blacktric  +   961d ago
"Bioshock had a bad ending"

Now you're pushing it.
vulcanproject  +   960d ago just obviously can't read coolbeans. I can't be bothered to explain why you were wrong in nearly everything you said, just point out that you claimed I said Halo 2 was somehow 'hype' for Microsoft's next console (Xbox 360) when I didn't say anything remotely like that. I just said that it was pretty sucky that you couldn't finish the story on the same platform it started, probably because Halo 2 didn't round off the story properly!

If you can find me saying anything about hype then point it out.

But as it isn't there you you might just have to make up some other stuff to go with the rest of the gibberish you made me glance over.
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coolbeans  +   960d ago
Fair enough, you never stipulated anything about hype in any sense. Yet the ire of not completing a story on the same platform is still a complaint centered outside of the game's quality itself.

"I can't be bothered to explain why you were wrong in nearly everything you said..."

Because it only takes a modicum of good sense to know you can't do that to begin with. Or perhaps it's just easier to explain after the person you're arguing against has no bubbles left to continue. :/
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GetSnooked  +   961d ago
Greatest =/= perfect.

If you played a guitar hero song five times and got a high-score of 95%, would you agree that it would be your greatest run of all-time. But it isn't perfect is it?
ForgottenProphecy  +   961d ago
But a shitting ending is a huge deal. Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game, but it's ending disqualified it from any major GOTY awards.

Games like Uncharted 2 are damn near perfection, and are better suited for the greatest game of all time. Sure, if you look closely at the game, you might find a small flaw, but nothing stands out.

Your analogy sucks, because you're limiting it to five runs. Out of five, a 95% is really good. But if you run through it millions of times and you get a high score of 99%, wouldn't you say that beat the 95%?
GetSnooked  +   961d ago
"Your analogy sucks, because you're limiting it to five runs."

Okay I'll go through this nice and simple.

So the point I was making was that the greatest game does not have to be perfect. So as an analogy I used guitar hero. Lets say you played a song 20000000 times but only reached your highest score of 99%, that does not make it perfect right? So your "greatest score of 99%" is not perfect. So what this means is that you CAN have a greatest game that IS NOT perfect.

Now I don't know about what you're on about but you seem to be arguing for my point in your second paragraph. So I don't see why you say my analogy sucks. :(
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hulk_bash1987  +   961d ago
Some of my fondest moments in gaming happened playing this game. LAN parties after school,LAN parties on the weekend, on the holidays. Just so many countless hours spent with my friends in high school.
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Eyeco  +   961d ago
I enjoyed Halo 2, that said I don't think I'll consider it one of the greatest games let alone the greatest game
Ragthorn  +   961d ago
Zuperman   962d ago | Trolling | show
Snookies12  +   962d ago
Sorry, but as much as I loved Halo 2 (and I LOVED it, especially getting together with my friends for Halo nights back in the day.) it's definitely not the greatest game of all time... Nowhere close... When you're talking about competing with games like Super Metroid, Mario World, Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, FFVI/FFVII, Planescape Torment, older Unreal Tournament, etc. it doesn't quite hold a candle to these games. (Although those were just a few off the top of my head.)
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KingKelloggTheWH  +   962d ago
I love the halo franchise but no.Halo Ce was better,as was Halo reach.

Not to mention theres games like Metal Gear Solid,Final Fantasy 7,Zelda OOT..

I mean Halo 2 is great and all but no...
iNathan  +   962d ago
Amazing Game
Original Xbox was Beast, damn fine Console deserved way more sales.
animegamingnerd  +   962d ago
there is no greatest game of all time only your personal favorite game of all time
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SuperLupe  +   961d ago
Its not even the best MGS.
kane_1371  +   961d ago
actually the story told in MGS 4 is probably the best, it had the problem of implementing a good stealth mod because there were way too many things going on in each region and you would get a feeling of need to break your stealth.

Otherwise it was a perfect game.
Ragthorn  +   961d ago
Sorry had to disagree with you. In my most brutally honest opinion, I think that MGS3: Snake Eater had the best story out of all the MGS games hands-down.
GamersRulz  +   961d ago
very subjective. One of the greatest..maybe but THE greatest...hell no.

There is no game that can be considered the absolute greatest, very few come close and Halo is not of them.
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Booyah  +   961d ago
Agreed, tho I did spent all my teenage years on Halo 2 MP -.-
Ragthorn  +   961d ago
Agreed as well, in my opinion one of the greatest games of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
Sandmano  +   961d ago
Red dead Redemption is the greatest game of all time!
Rusty515  +   961d ago
I seriously laughed out loud at the title of this article.
EronY  +   961d ago


"First and foremost, Halo 2 was the first M-rated game I was allowed to play. The day my mother allowed me to wrap my hands around that lime green box, my views on gaming changed forever."

Reverent  +   961d ago
Kids these days, eh?
BigBoss1964  +   961d ago
No it is not I actually found Halo 2 to be disappointing all those years ago campaign wise at least
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   961d ago
The original Halo was the best.
PS4isKing_82  +   961d ago
Halo 2 best game of all time? I remember that game getting mgs2 like criticism cause it forced you to play as the arbiter I believe he was called. I didn't even feel compelled to finish it at that point since I was used to master chief. IMO, the title for greatest game of all time would be an FF, MGS 3, legend of Zelda: OOT, Mario 64, GTA: San Andreas, something along those lines where the gameplay involves more than an fps can offer. And while I absolutely love halo, it simply can't be called greatest game ever simply cause there are better games out there that offer more. However, as an fps, it's probably my fav, next to metro of prime on the GameCube.
RTheRebel  +   961d ago
Multiplayer Could Be Debatable
Helllll no lol
whamlollypop7  +   961d ago
Oh_Yeah  +   961d ago
Pssssssh how can one simply say a game is the greatest of all time.. there is more then one genre so you could say greatest rpg, action adventure, fps, platformer, etc. and even so it's all opinion.
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abzdine  +   961d ago
some of you might laugh but my favorite game of all time is Streets of Rage 1.
Eyeco  +   961d ago
That game had an awesome soundtrack, I used to get so pumped playing it back in day this was during the nightclub techno craze in the early 90's UK, but it's you're opinion, my favourite games are constantly changing, it's either Okami, Ico, Super Metroid, MGS 1-4, Vagrant Story
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abzdine  +   961d ago
yeah that sountrack is awesome! SEGA nailed the soundtrack for lots of their 16-bit games like Batman & Robin and Sonic 3&Knuckles or Shinobi.
Tales RPG addict  +   961d ago
I find it sad with those gamers that are my age and they tell me their favorite game ever is COD what a idiot.

The best games of all time EVER are
Super Mario Bros. 1,3,World,64,FFI-X, Xenogears, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 & Knuckles,Sonic CD, Resident Evil 1-4, Doom I/II, Metal Gear Solid,MGS3 Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania Symphony of the Knight, Parasite Eve I & II,Valkyria Profile, Suikoden I-V, Wild Arms I,5, Arc The Lad 1-4, Crash Bandicoot I-3 & Crash team Racing, Spyro I-3,
Jak & Daxter Trilogy, Uncharted 1&2, God of War I-3, Breath of Fire I-IV, Super Star Wars Trilogy(SNES), TMNT IV Turtles in Time, Double Dragon I&II, Megaman II-4,7&8, Megaman X-X4,
Megaman legends I&2, and many many many many many many more
Mass Effect Trilogy, Shinobi 3:Return of The Ninja Master, Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Mario RPG, Legend of Dragoon, Tactics Ogre, Terranigma, StarFox 64, Zelda Series, Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Fire Emblem series, Disgaea, Super Castlevania IV, Tales of Symphonia and many man many more.

Not a single game mentioned there was HALO games on there cause Halo began to fall after Halo 3. Ill respect the authors opinion but he seriously needs to play games other than Gaylo,Gears and the industry ruining COD.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   961d ago
That's a nice list.
I do think the original Halo deserves to be in there too. The sequels not so much but the original was pretty damn good.
d0nT wOrrY  +   961d ago
Lol how about no
edonus   961d ago | Spam
ANIALATOR136  +   961d ago
Metal Gear Solid 1
Rask  +   961d ago
I still prefer Combat Evolved.
josephayal  +   961d ago
i use to rock halo 2 on my 13 inch tv in online mode, IMO i don't think anyone ever called Halo 2 the best game of all time
nix  +   961d ago
awful article. sad.

Article: WTF.
Website: No.
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kevnb  +   961d ago
i thought it was ok.
InTheLab  +   961d ago
Please... Halo CE is the best Halo and it is not in the conversation of greatest game of all time.
A7XEric  +   961d ago
Even if the title of this was "Greatest Halo game of all time" this would still be a joke.
GABRIEL1030  +   961d ago
A great game, maybe the best of the series because had two campaings with Master Chief and with the Inquisitor ( I enjoy play with this guy). With the following games ( Halo 3, Halo 4, ODST) I cant be able to play more with Elite and thats was very disapointing for me because play always like human after 5 games is very repetitive and boring ( same weapons, animations, history ). In AAA games like Mass Effect 3 ( Multiplayer), Battlefield 3 or COD MW3 you can play with another characters different to the traditional to have another gaming experience. In the Multiplayer of ME3 you can play like Krogan or Turian and in MW3 you can play like Yuri, Soap, Ramirez or Price.

I hope that for next games like Killzone I can play like Helghan or ISA.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   961d ago
Halo 2 greatest game of all time,lmao,a better choice would be Mario 64,ocarina of time,sands of time,gta San Andreas,etc...
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