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Hey Sony, Reboot The Legaia Series

This franchise doesn't come up often enough during reboot discussions. As many long-time RPG fans will tell you, the Legaia titles were just awesome. (PS2)

Godmars290  +   557d ago
Hey Sony, reboot your RPG division.
Relientk77  +   557d ago
^ This
Sanquine90  +   557d ago
Make the vita @ RPG machine and it will sell:D
Godmars290  +   557d ago
And I'm talking about the PS3. Also more modern/futuristic settings.
Sanquine90  +   557d ago
Yeah, also the ps3. May the vita also have love? If you look at the JRPG's that are being released on the ps3 in japan .... thats a lot of games:D
Relientk77  +   557d ago
Hey Sony give me

Legend of Dragoon 2
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Skate-AK  +   557d ago
At this point I don't think a sequel could live up to the original.
Magnus  +   557d ago
I agree reboot the RPG division I need a good Wild Arms game.
Chrono  +   556d ago
It's one of my all-time favs.
jonboi24  +   556d ago
Wait does Sony actually own the IP? I know they published the first game.

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