Trion is Not so Defiant to Fans: A New Update Will Fix Defiance Bugs

Trion is releasing an update soon that will fix the majority of bugs that Defiance launched with. Bonus: They are also rewarding fans that have stuck with the game during this rough patch.

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Trenta271956d ago

What is the general consensus on this game?

sak5001956d ago

Yes want to know as well if it's worth getting.

Xristo1955d ago

This game is like Dead Island to me (reception, not the gameplay). It's getting bashed for a lot of honest reasons (i.e. UI, repetitive quests, chat system, short story, loss of weapons, a character rollback) but I'm still having hella fun! There is just something there pulling me back in.

Axonometri1955d ago

There is something isn't there. Not to mention that the show is tied to game vise versa, stand alone product or not, the idea is they are directly related and the timeline flows between both.

Yes, there are some issues, but giving a review on half of the product does not seem just. It's fun now, I can imagine post show launch will just get better and better.

I'm sticking with this for long haul.

SolidDuck1955d ago

It's a really fun game. It has issues for sure. But fun with a lot of potential. Ill be playing it for a long time.