Top 10 Xbox 720 Rumors: It's Not That Bad

Microsoft has been the Internet’s “easy target” ever since Sony officially announced the PS4 back in February. Their lack of reciprocation to rumors and constant onslaught of cyberspace ridicule makes it seem as though Sony has a leg-up for the first round of their next face-off. With a possible announcement expected for May, it’s likely these rumors will soon be either be laid to rest or confirmed.

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Belking1952d ago

May 21 people. Set the date.

SlapHappyJesus1952d ago

Been looking forward to this one for a while.
Happy to see an actual date.

JimmyDanger1952d ago

The more recent rumours we have are surely the more accurate ones.

Would the chief of Gamestop - the worlds biggest dealer of second hand games - go on record saying the new Xbox would be a "compelling device" that lots of his customers would be excited about once it was announced - IF it blocked second hand games (a massive slice of Gamestop/EB's profits) and had always on DRM?