Shot-Down NFS: Underground Reboot; The Game That Should Have Been Made all Along

VG Republic Writes: Tears fell from my eyes, tears of joy when I saw the rumor that Need For Speed: Underground was the next game coming from Criterion Games. The potential reboot of one of the last generations most beloved racing franchises was invigorating. I have never been much of a racing game fan, but Need For Speed: Underground was one of those games that grabbed every video game fan out there by their crotch and made them scream Yippie-Ki-A-Mother-F&%$er! It didn’t matter because of all of the options that people wanted were available in the game as far as customization and a need for speed that was unrivaled and met within the title. The game was fantastic. Then tears of sadness filled my eyes, and my heart broke as Alex Ward, the creative director for Criterion, wrote upon his Twitter words that scathed my soul, “Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon“.

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vitullo311922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

bunch of idiots, they would probably ruin it anyway

BlmThug1922d ago

Agreed. Like the recent Most Wanted which was nothing like it's predecessor

BuffMordecai1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

So it would be Burnout Underground, no story, no customization, and feel aimless. I liked Burnout when it still had closed racing tracks and insane crash challenges, not this open world crap and horrible soundtracks(yes I'm aware of custom soundtracks, but that doesn't make the default one any better). Back in the PS2 era, these games had decent soundtracks,now its all techno crap. Criterion should also stop crossbreeding with NFS and concentrate on their original series.

USMC_POLICE1922d ago

Uh dude the original NFS games had no story. Hot pursuit, high stakes hot pursuit 2. They had championships and single races. Underground started the story bs. Its a racing game not a fairy tale. No story needed