Successful Indie Dev Defends Microsoft, Xbox 360

Microsoft hasn’t been getting great press from independent developers lately, most notably from Jonathan Blow (Braid) and Brian Provinciano (Retro City Rampage), who didn’t have glowing things to say about trying to work with the company that created the Xbox 360. Blow stated point-blank that “Microsoft treats independent developers very badly,” while Provinciano noted that the company has an “intimidating corporate vibe.”

But not every independent developer has had trouble with Microsoft. The Behemoth, the wildly successful studio behind Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater, has come out to defend Microsoft. BeefJack stumbled upon this Raptr Q&A with the studio’s Project Manager, Emil Ayoubkhan, and Ayoubkhan paints a bit of a different picture than Blow and Provinciano.

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Jek_Porkins1922d ago

Well Microsoft is bound to have a good relationship with some indie developers, I think the key to a good gaming platform is a good mix of AAA, Indie and mid range games.

grimmweisse1922d ago

Being selective across the board is not how they should be. Just compare how behemoth is favored and treated to retro city rampage developer was on the Xbox.

JimmyDanger1921d ago

Only one home console company offers Indies a $100 year, no license/update fee portal to put out there games - XBLIG.

Yes your game gets put up there with hundreds of others, many of questionable quality - but that's no different to the constantly praised Itunes store or Android market. Just like on those platforms - a little of the promotional legwork has to be your own, send out a few emails to games websites, maybe get some friends/fellow Indies to mention it - but that's no different to having one of the hundred apps released on iTunes daily. It is what it is. Its just that MS is the only company that offers anything like this on home consoles.

Sony and MS this Gen have had similar policies to their mainstream xbla/psn marketplace in regard to updates - and next Gen it may be different - but a fact remains -

Over the last 8 years MS has released THOUSANDS of indie games on their home console across xbla/xblig - from HUNDREDS of indie devs. Because half a dozen or so have had issues - for whatever valid/invalid reasons - and made a lot of noise about it, and half of them because they're gaining promotion from a rival company (and fair play to them - once again Indies have to take on a lot of their own promotional work to achieve commercial success) - it doesn't mean the other %99 are suffering in silence. Most of them are just busy working on their next games.

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Agent_hitman1922d ago

It seems that M$ is starting provide their wads of cash to indie devs to negate these issues.

demonddel1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

So Sony didn't pay any of the developers to make the playstation 4 look like the the second coming of Christ

grimmweisse1922d ago

Last time i checked Sony sat and talked with various devs and asked what they wanted and how to make things easier for indie developers to work with them and develop on the ps4.

As aposed to MS you do what the hell we say!

demonddel1921d ago

@Grimm Yeah right if Microsoft done the same thing u lames would be saying the same thing Sony do it =the right way Microsoft does it=the wrong way I see now

coolbeans1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Article covering this already.

And with a similar set of comments proposing MS paid them off. Interesting.

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