Grandia: How a forgotten JRPG solved the problem of repetitive combat

One of the core issues facing most role-playing games is how they deal with repetitive combat. Since RPGs tend to be so much longer than normal games, with a wider scope, it's much more difficult for them to create unique battles like a shorter action game can. So RPGs tend to have constant, similar, repetitive fights. These are often derided by players and critics under umbrella terms like "random battles," "grinding," or in massively multiplayer games, "trash."

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Relientk771920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Grandia is one of the greatest RPG franchises ever IMO

Nerdmaster1919d ago

For me, the only bad one was Grandia 3.

kalkano1919d ago

I almost hit disagree, but I don't really remember Grandia 3, very much. Maybe there's a reason...

I recently replayed Grandia 1, and plan to replay 2 and 3 in the near future.

What about Xtreme? I don't remember much about that, either.

Baka-akaB1919d ago

Extreme is even worse than Grandia 3 . Grandia3's biggest isue is how bland the chars and story are

princejb1341919d ago

Grandia 1 and 2 were awesome
I would welcome a remake of grandia 2 anytime
It had a great story to it

Grandia 3 wasn't very good though

TheTwelve1919d ago

You guys just motivated me to download Grandia on my Vita...thx

izumo_lee1920d ago

I really wish Game Arts returns to the series eventually. All 3 games were awesome with some of the best battle systems in the genre.

Noriyuki Iwadare ost for the series is also a must have for those who like to collect game soundtracks.

DarkZane1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Technically, there is 4 games, if you count Xtreme, but I wouldn't say it's awesome.

You're right, I really wished they make Grandia 4 or something.

Played the first one after buying the PS1 classic recently and I had forgotten how awesome it was.

AGoodLittleEgg1919d ago

Hearing someone even mention this series makes me so happy. It's such a shame that it has become as forgotten as it has. By Grandia 3 the combat system had become so fluid, it's surprising that no one else has stolen its formula yet (as far as I'm aware)

kalkano1919d ago

I've heard rumors that Final Fantasy: Versus XIII was going to use a similar battle system. I'd much prefer that to the action-RPG style that was shown years ago.

Nerdmaster1919d ago

It can't be fluid when every enemy spams skills that cancels your commands and makes you sit and watch your characters being beaten while you can't do anything about it.

adorie1919d ago

In Grandia, getting your speed up is key to not getting pummeled by higher-end monsters. By the time I reach Tower of Temptation (fav area) I'm doing to the enemies, what you're stating above.

Nerdmaster1918d ago

I'm not even talking about end-game monsters, I'm talking about the ones on the beginning of the game. They got their turns before me, and I couldn't do anything because they canceled all of my actions. The enemies just weren't very balanced. It was way more frustrating than fun.

AGoodLittleEgg1919d ago

I should say, I still preferred the skill system in the first Grandia when you would have to use skills, magic and weapons of certain types to level them up.

adorie1919d ago

I hear that! It gave you an other reason to use them all! I'm a completionist, so it worked out great for me. :)

AGoodLittleEgg1919d ago

@adorie Precisely! It gave you a goal in fights rather than sticking to a single strategy, plus it just makes sense! Not enough RPGs use the idea of "practising something makes you good at it".

KillerPwned1919d ago

Grandia, you were never forgotten in the true RPG fans hearts.

kalkano1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Grandia was AWESOME! One of the best battle systems ever! Give us Grandia 4 on PS4!

Also, Suikoden was mentioned. They solved the problem by mixing traditional turn-based battles, with large-scale strategy RPG battles. Skies of Arcadia did something similar, by having turn-based battles, and then airship battles. I wish more games would do stuff like that.

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