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Josh from Bag of Games writes "Serving as the first major portion of DLC Ninja Theory’s magnificently well-crafted reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry has received, Vergil’s Downfall provides a relatively inexpensive add-on ($9/720 Microsoft Points) to Dante’s intriguing, Limbo-themed campaign. However, does assuming the role of Dante’s demented, power-hungry twin brother, Vergil supply avid hack n’ slash fans with enough incentives to warrant another stab at the franchise?"

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ryandebraal1926d ago

Totally worth it in my opinion - I always liked Vergil

Jhandville19921926d ago

It wasn't flawless, but playing as Vergil (even for a short duration) really was an enjoyable experience. I have to give it to Ninja Theory, they didn't just simply re-skin Dante and call him Vergil. They really made an effort to make Vergil's combat style distinct and, personally, I really appreciated that.

RazMaTaz01211926d ago

Stupid move to make this DLC, that DmC ending was beyond $#1T, this should have been with the game, the ending to this was actually plausable.