Road Redemption Could Be Racing onto the PS4

While owner Electronic Arts has made no attempt to resurrect the Road Rash franchise over the past few years, DarkSea Games has put together a Kickstarter to create a new title in the former favourite’s image – and it could come to the PlayStation 4 if enough people register an interest in the project.

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Crazyglues1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

For a second there I thought this was talking about Red Dead Redemption 2... I was about to be too happy for words..

Just thinking about Rockstar bringing that game to PS4... OMG! I almost passed out.. .LMAO

-But I guess road redemption will be cool whatever that is?

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Murad1953d ago

I actually thought the same thing as you, until I realized that the people who worked for Rockstar during that period of time most likely quit because of how little payment that the developers received and the long hours it required to actually create the title.

Skate-AK1952d ago

This is an interesting read from a Red Dead Dev.

Sandmano1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I thought it was red dead too. Road Rash was one of my favourite games as a kid and I always wondered why there wasnt a new one in the last console generations. Also you dont know what road rash is!? Shame on you!!

Crazyglues1953d ago

@ Sandmano

Yes, I kid, I kid, - I've heard of road rash, but I never played it...

I remember it was some motorcycle game but if i had to guess what system it was on for a million dollars, I couldn't for the life of me...

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Timmey1953d ago

we should definitely be demanding red dead 3 a lot more on the internet, i didn't hear anything about that game since a few weeks after release. imagine red dead 3 with ps4/720 graphics/power...:o

Sandmano1953d ago

It was on the sega megadrive.

Skate-AK1952d ago

Road Rash has been on PS1 and N64.

3-4-51952d ago

Omg Road Rash !

RR 1,2,3 were awesome for Sega Genesis but my personal favorite was Road Rash 64.

Such a fun game.

It was lengthy, had tons of different bikes to earn, the crashes were the best / most fun in any game I've ever played.

* We got really good at crashing, and it became it's own game within the game.

I've flown over whole towns and mountains in RR64 from getting hit. Some of the most fun I've ever had gaming.

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DaThreats1953d ago

Road Rash back?
Time to support

Skynetone1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Putting guns in a road rash title

I don't like that idea. but I guess if its limited, severely limited

Salooh1953d ago

I hope this work and then they release a serious road rash game ^^ ..

DeadlyFire1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Well gotta have money either way. First game might not be perfect, but if they earn big from it they will make a sequel the proper way I suspect. EA might see interest and bring back the original IP of Road Rash since they are the current owners.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1953d ago

road rash what a game back in the day was on that all the time

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