Ubisoft: "Go Big Or Go Home"

Cheatcc says: "Imagine if Hollywood produced nothing but the biggest blockbuster movies and the smallest art house flicks. We'd still get our Michael Bay explode-a-thons and superhero movies, but quirky comedies, summer romances, most animated films, and the fine films that get paraded around at the Oscars would all cease to exist. That kind of reality is what the game industry is chasing right now, as mid-level publishers like THQ continue to go under and the big publishers attempt to outspend each other in the quest to create the most popular AAA franchises they can."

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US8F1868d ago

"Or go always online". Please Make watch dogs playable offline.

I agree though, they have been making impressive games so far, and farcry 3 is right up there in my top ten list of the best open world games ever played.

shivvy241868d ago

yea recently they have been making great games and games like watchdogs that look impressive

xPhearR3dx1868d ago

Who said Watch Dogs has always online DRM?

DaThreats1868d ago

That's what I like to hear