Batman: Arkham Origins Might Suck

Cheatcc says: "When Warner Bros. Interactive announced Batman: Arkham Origins earlier this week, I was understandably excited. Batman games have historically been atrocious, and the Arkham franchise finally gave Batman fans the game that they deserved. But the more I learn about Warner's upcoming Batman title, the less optimistic I become. I'm certainly not willing to write the game off just yet, but there are a couple of things that genuinely concern me."

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josephayal1954d ago

I find it is slightly overrated

admiralvic1954d ago

How can something we know next to nothing about be over rated?

aawells071954d ago

My thoughts exactly. Its no wonder the net is filled with negativity.

ChickeyCantor1954d ago

99% of the time the stuff josephayal says is to get attention. He flipflops constantly on his opinion about stuff.

Either not a bright kid, or just a troll in his free time.

ZombieKiller1954d ago

At least is's not Ninja Theory....that's all I gotta say. No emo batman here THANK GOD

JoshEngen1954d ago

I just don't know what to make of it

US8F1954d ago

Wait, isn't WB montreal studio is consisted of some of the prototype game developers? if anything, I have high hopes for that. They are good with open world games, but they needed to break free from their prototype franchise, and move on to another IP.

I fully support this move seeing that they have an amazing engine to work with, and using a few other game machanics(uncharted grappling hook like, to name one), I Am waiting with great anticipation.

Yodagamer1954d ago

They made the wii u version, while it wasn't as good a port as it could have been it means there is some experience with these games.

dragonyght1954d ago

there's a difference between made the game and porting the game witch what they did all the codes, asset, design and directing were made by Rocksteady Studios. they only make it work on the wiiu

Yodagamer1954d ago

Granted that might be true, but they did modify some of the combat/gadgets so they would know some of the inner workings

DaThreats1954d ago

You know, every game might suck.

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The story is too old to be commented.