BioShock Infinite Is Making Us Smarter

Cheatcc says: "Right now, BioShock: Infinite is the most talked about game on the market, which is entirely understandable. In an industry where developers are always under heavy pressure to cut cost, Infinite spent nearly four years in the oven and reportedly cost about $200 million to develop and market. And even though it might be a while before 2K Games can recoup their investment, the impact that BioShock will have on the industry makes it one of the most important games ever made. After all, not many other games can inspire people to write songs while simultaneously sparking questions about the storyline's philosophical merit."

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1927d ago
1nsomniac1927d ago

All this article shows us is how stupid the writter is...

admiralvic1927d ago

Why does everyone seem to think that 1 success proves anything?

Demon / Dark Souls selling = Niche games can be successful.
Bioshock selling = People like deep stories.

The thing is, there are games with deep stories that flop (Spec Ops from what I understand) and there are games with deep stories that are beyond popular (Metal Gear Solid). Just like there are niche games that sell (Dark Souls) and there are niche games that just don't get enough traction (Vanquish). In the end, it takes SEVERAL games and plenty of data to show a shift. Anything else just shows a single occurrence, which can be explained in a number of other ways. One of which is that a lot of people just didn't GET BioShock Infinite, so the chatter was about how "stupid" they're, over how "smart" they're becoming.

Conzul1927d ago

I'm playing through the 3rd time. I can't get enough of Elizabeth and the whole story in general.
I expect Ellie in TLoU will have similar appeal. Glad game characters are maturing.
Strong narratives FTW!

MikeyDucati11927d ago

I don't think Bioshock Infinite is as good as everyone says it is. While it was an interesting experience, the game as a whole felt as if it was missing that one thing that would just have me ensnared. Columbia was beautiful to behold and that was just about it. A.I. really didn't have strategy, they just kept their fingers on the trigger. I think the first Bioshock had it right. It's a shame because I really wanted to get into this game and bought it D1. It just wasn't what I was looking for.

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