Oh Nintendo, You’re Shutting Down Some Online Functions? Why We Never Really Cared.

The funny part about the news that Nintendo was shutting down certain online services for the Nintendo Wii console, is that people just don’t care. The company announced today, and was reported by CVG, that a series of functions and channels for the Wii console would be shut down permanently on June 28th including the Weather Channel, Everybody Votes Channel, and the Data Exchange Between Wii Friends on WiiConnect24. Of course there are a few more, but the statement released today is long overdue as none of the functions announced were ones that people really utilized other than just to see what it could do. The bigger issue is that Nintendo just hasn’t figured out what GAMERS want and what the in the end, general audiences simply as a novelty item.

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PopRocks3591927d ago

Well, the rhetoric here isn't anything I haven't heard before. The end reads like another "doom" article. But alas, I have to agree. These services were fairly pointless and received few (if any) updates to keep them consistent. Personally I prefer the apps they've given to the 3DS (like Swapnote). Stuff like that is more interesting in my opinion.

VirtualKatz1927d ago

Im sure it is something you have heard in some form, but at the same time the problem is that Nintendo just doesn't learn. Eventually it will catch up to them.

BullyMangler1926d ago

yes, nintendo never learns, that is why they are behind.

Pozzle1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Isn't that why they're shutting them down though? Because people didn't care about them.

BullyMangler1926d ago

exactly huh, the joke is on the author fanboy

abzdine1926d ago

i think it's a bad thing for people who still use them

skeletons1926d ago

i liked the everybody votes channel. it was cool to turn it on for the first time in 14 months to see my past opinions. #woah #cool #timemachine #Wicked

horne2421926d ago

Lol sounds like you went back in time 14 years not 14 months 'wicked' ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.