The top 5 selling NES games

Before we run through the top 5 selling NES games heres a little bit of background knowledge on the console itself. The Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES is an 8-bit video games console that was released by Nintendo during 1985/1986/1987, depending on where in the world you were back then. If you resided in Japan though, you would of been lucky and got to see the console way before the rest of the world in 1983. The NES gained a huge reputation around the world and became the best-selling console of its time, selling almost 62 million units worlwide.

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Drazz1836d ago

5. The Legend of Zelda – 6.51 million.
4. Tetris – 8 million
3. Super Mario Bros. 2 – 10 million
2. Super Mario Bros. 3 – 18 million
1. Super Mario Bros – 40.24 million

Tetsujin1836d ago

I contributed to Zelda, Tetris, Mario 1 and 3. I miss the old gaming days; also the lego look on some of the launch games brings back memories of trying to actually make them out of legos. I'm surprised Final Fantasy didn't make the list, about 90% of my elementary school had that game.

geeniusgee6021836d ago

Both Final Fantasy and Duck Hunt do not even reach the top 10 sady.