The Disney Infinity Boycott

By Luis Zacarias

Are you pissed that Disney killed upcoming games like 1313, a proper Battlefront sequel and anything else gamers hoped to play with a Star Wars theme on a next generation console? Then join us

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Xbot3601957d ago

I'm in....never liked these type of games anyway

Lucreto1957d ago

I expect it to sell more than Skylanders just because it is Disney Characters.

No matter how many people boycott this millions of kids will buy it.

raiden-491957d ago

My little brother is going to get it but i am like "No Disney is evil!!" pointing at battlefront 2, it didnt help when I bought him thoses pixare movies for his birthdays =.=

N4GCB1957d ago

:| I doubt many people had plans to buy this game except for a lot of kids, so like... have fun with your one man boycott.

SoldierX1957d ago

One man can make a difference!

_QQ_1957d ago

Even if 1313 looked promising Lucas hadn't made a profitable or great game in years, disney is in the right here, they can still hire studios to make starwars games.

Godmars2901957d ago

Actually the game had been canceled months before the buy out.

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