The Borderlands 2 level-cap could possibly be further raised above 61 eventually

“Borderlands 2” recently received a new DLC which increased the in game level-cap from 50 to 61. Randy Pitchford today commented that based on the work done to enable the developer to raise the level-cap before, that it could be possible to further raise the level-cap beyond 61 in the future. The Gearbox Software President claimed that another level-cap raise could be possible but that they have bigger priorities first, that they believe fans will enjoy more.

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cleft51955d ago

Of course it can, all for the low, low price of $4.99. But this time everyone has to buy it.

ComBaTs0uL1955d ago

isnt it free for season pass owners? Im sure ive downloaded it fo free..

admiralvic1955d ago

Is the Mechromancer free because it was a preorder bonus? I mean thats pretty much the same logic you're presenting here, since not everyone wants the Season Pass (I mean the DLC so far has been awful), but might the additional levels (for $4.99). In either case, the levels should have been free... period.

PooEgg1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Borderlands 2 is actually a good full game even without any DLC. So in that regard I give Gearbox credit.

However the idea of charging an additional $5 to raise the level cap feels kinda shady, even if the season's pass owners get the first level cap free. I simply think it sets a bad precedent, and makes me worry that other game companies will purposely lowball gamers on their level caps in order to sale them as DLC.

I would have preferred they included the raised level cap as part of the upcoming 4th DLC package, which would have still allowed season's pass owners to get it for free, simply because the idea of selling level caps on their own just doesn't sit well with me, since I could totally see a company like EA taking advantage of the idea in a bad way.

Skate-AK1955d ago

Haha what if Activision made it to where you could buy 10 more prestiges in COD.

HellFeast1954d ago

They are probably going to raise it in the next full on DLC Bunkers and Badasses.

SnakeCQC1953d ago

the cap was a douch move the charge for increasing was a activision move