Francisco Diaz on TitanStrike and Miss Video Game 2008 tourney

Gamertell interviews Francisco Diaz, co-founder of TitanStrike which is hosting this year's Miss Video Game 2008 (MVG 2008) online tournament.

A quote from Diaz from the article sums it up:

"Titanstrike, a platform for gamers that seeks to blend the best of social networking with cutting edge gaming services including a tournament engine that allows sponsors to create and manage events," Diaz explained. "The Titanstrike platform also has flash forums, gamer profiles and instant chat to power interaction within the community. The goal of Titanstrike is to provide an ideal environment for online competitions so the Miss Video Game event was a natural fit. As founders of Miss Video Game and Titanstrike we felt that women were under-represented in the video game industry and that an event geared towards increasing awareness of the vast number and talent of females who game would be a positive step. Miss Video Game allows us to showcase female gamers using a unique competition and community platform."

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