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GTA 4 multiplayer modes revealed

Latest PSM magazine from Spain reveal there will be 15 multiplayer modes

Game Modes:

Hangmans NOOSE
Car Jack City
Bomb da Base
Bomb da Base II
Mafia Work
Team Mafia Work
Team Deathmatch
Turf War
Cops N Crooks
GTA Race
Deal Breaker
Free Roam (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update The host of the game makes the rules, in "Race" and GTA Race" he decides the vehicles and laps, in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch he decides the number of peds, the flow of traffic, the intervention of police and the weapons. We tried a match, all of us armed with rocket launchers, half of city lighting up. (or something like that)

Mafia and Team Mafia work, you will play as one of Kenny Petrovics mafia henchmen, competing to complete hits ordered by the boss over your phone before your rivals. In "cops n crooks" A group of players will play as police, other as criminal, the police must make sure they don't escape alive, they can also see the criminals location ont heir GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Also in the single player mission "hangmans Noose" there will be co-op, the mission you and your friends will be able to escort a mafia man, while ambushed by the SWAT, but it doesn't end there, carjack, turfwar, bomb da base II, free mode, the 100 hours of single player are nothing compared to the 10 years of multiplayer.

Also, there are a total of 15 multi player modes, all accessed through your cellphone. You will be able to CREATE YOUR CHARACTER FOR ONLINE, change his race, sex, skin color, hair, clothing. 16 players online.

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mighty_douche  +   2627d ago
15!? I'm amazed, i would of settled for just Deathmatch or something, this is fantastic!

Can't wait to see all you guy's on there!!
sonarus  +   2627d ago
lol. would be interesting to see how multiplayer develops on GTA since this is their first multiplayer offering. Can anyone expand on the other game modes. Only one i understand there is deathmatch and team deathmatch
mighty_douche  +   2627d ago
Here a few douche guess'...

Free Roam: obviously everyone is free to do as they please.

Cops N Crooks: Some of you play as police, some as criminals, cops have to catch the criminals.

Bomb da base: bomb a specific part of the map thats defended (whether by players ot NPC's)

NOOSE: Challanges set to you and your friends, you lose 1, get an N, then an O, another O, etc untill one of you has NOOSE (the loser)

Turf War: each given a pice of the map and have to increase your area, maybe like Zones in WarHawk
pandabear  +   2627d ago
I know Cops n crooks - this is my favourite, I suggested a while back that this would make an amazing online game type but didn't expect it!!! It is just going to be crazy.

In "cops n crooks" A group of players will play as police, other as criminal, the police must make sure they don't escape alive, they can also see the criminals location ont heir GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Theres the deal breaker for me!!!
mikeslemonade  +   2627d ago
I was about to cancel my pre-order but GTA4 has just pulled me back in. I wanted a good online experience and this definitely meets the expectations.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2627d ago
GTA san andreas on PC has MP -_-
sonarus  +   2627d ago
Wow i am actually quite impressed with their online offerings. They have subjectively increased the value for money you will get for this game.
Ben1054  +   2627d ago
I Wonder
if you will be able to get police on you while online.
imagine it, seeing someone online with 6 wanted stars,(i know there not using the star system for police now) getting chased by tanks and everything and you can just sit back and laugh
socomnick  +   2627d ago
Im a bit worried the netcode will be crap. I remember the netcode was crap for that tennis game that rockstar made.
RecSpec  +   2627d ago
Didn't the PSP games have some kind of multiplayer?
Ice2ms  +   2627d ago
The PSP had MP ye but I dont think it was online just local.
It Had 10 Modes
Exhaust  +   2627d ago
Liberty City Stories on PSP had local WiFi multiplayer and it was actually pretty good. You could tell it was their first go at it as it needed a bit more polish but it was still really fun.

Saint's Row multiplayer was actually pretty influenced by the Liberty City Stories modes. For example Saint's Row ripped off the steal your enemy's ride and bring it to your base mode type.
xhi4  +   2627d ago
So I can just invite a mate over to my lib. city, drive round chilax and shoot me some pedro's lol

dats all i need!

holy my goshness is this game unbelievable!
BigKev45  +   2627d ago
Breakfast  +   2627d ago
I love rockstar...they always improve on every gta game. They refine it a bit and always add new features. I cant wait for this game :)
SeanScythe  +   2627d ago
Free Roam, DM, TDM, & Cops N Crooks sounds like I may have a new online game to play. Can't wait!
solar  +   2627d ago
hey cool. ill check it out but highly doubt ill make it a point to play much gta MP.
mighty_douche  +   2627d ago
But at least the option is there! I'm the opposite, most of my GTA time is spent messing around, finding jumps, cop chase's or maybe even beating up grannies with baseball bats lol... So to me "Free Roam" sounds perfect, I can do all the things i listed above with one or more friends or maybe even strangers.

My dream would be to allow you to continue with your mission/objectives while playing online, id love to see some other dud come screaming past, followed by the FBI while I'm popping into my b*tchs house for some hot coffee!
#4.1 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
solar  +   2627d ago

ya at least its there. i keep my online gaming to my PC. less brats :P
mighty_douche  +   2627d ago
Yeah bro, i hear that!
LocustGR  +   2627d ago
15 multi player modes
I came.
meepmoopmeep  +   2627d ago
wow, that's intense. hopefully it's as good as it sounds. can't wait to pick up my pre-order
belal  +   2627d ago
okey this......
is crazy man so many modes to play !!!!!! im glad that this will come after the beta or else i wouldnt be able to play the beta lol.(dont get me wrong my top 1 game is mgs4)
BeaArthur  +   2627d ago
Can't wait. Hopefully the host will have the ability to boot people so you can keep obnoxious people out of the room.
THC CELL  +   2627d ago
SIK cant wait
Not a game to play online laggy x box

Ps3 online ftw!!!
sabbath420  +   2627d ago
Why could you not just say "SIK cant wait" and leave the rest out? Have you even had xbox live for any length of time to be able to make a comment like that? I and millions of other people that play on xbox live have a great experience. Very solid online. Now back on topic... Yes I also think this game is going to spectacular. The online mode I look most forward to is cops and robbers. That is going to be fun as hell. I wonder what kinds of crimes the robbers can commit? Also will all the vehicles be available for both teams? Can I get out and throw spike strips? Man I have so many unanswered ?s
HarryEtTubMan  +   2627d ago
Ign, Gamasutra and EG have all wr artlces saying the PS3 version "lOoked better in some areas" had "warmer colors" and " better anti-aliasing(from IGN)

The angry BOTS are beocming morew and more desperate.... lol Rabid BOTS just wanna stop getting owned like the douches they are hahahahaha.
Wolfgang187  +   2627d ago
i will be free roaming like mad
i Shank u  +   2627d ago
holy fD*#)%NzG ! 15 modes, 16 players. cops and crooks. free roam fvckin around with friends. wtf!? there's seriously 15 modes!? is that a joke? most MP centric games dont have 15 modes. jeeeeeebus christmas
#11 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
tweaker  +   2627d ago
Cops N Crooks?! Damn!!!!!

and Free roam. thats crazy stuff right there.

Now I really can't wait for this damn game.
jinn  +   2627d ago
Game of the Year
tidus007  +   2627d ago
MGS4/Resistance 2/Killzone 2 will be the GAME OF THE YEAR
GTA 4 will be a DECENT GAME

It will sell 2x/3x as much on PS3 in europe(vs x360 a DEAD CONSOLE THERE) and would sell as much as the X360 version in USA/NA

GTA4 despite being on both PS3 and X360 will convert PS2 Fans---> PS3 ONLY

Console war is now OVER
GETPWNZORED  +   2627d ago
Nazi, lol, you're so f*cking stupid and pathetic. I wish I knew where you lived in Pakistan so I could find and murder you. You are pathetic. You are a waste of air. Your sad existence is more worthless than my rotten diarrhea sh1t from my crusted ass-hole. You are scum.

This guy mentions how great GTA will be, and you chime-in about how PS3 is the best console? HUH? And you really believe those pathetic, watered-down wannabe shooters are going to compete with GTA? let alone the FULL GTA experience on 360? You pathetic scumbag. You truly are worthless. I really hope Sony is paying you to be that god damn stupid.
Aleusia  +   2627d ago
GETPWNED, you're probably a fat ass nerd in real life looking through your coke bottle frames.

Do us all a favor and stfu, also..another bubble bites the dust, asshole.
GETPWNZORED  +   2627d ago
Aleusia  +   2627d ago
Not only is GETPWNED THE stupidest Xbot to browse this site, he also projects himself as an internet tough guy. But I find that damn near all Xbots are like this.

Who are the pathetic ones again?
DragonKnight  +   2626d ago
Yo, GayloKong (a.k.a. GETPWNZORED)
You seem to be pissing off people on this site with your skewed facts. Maybe you should accept that A)Gears is not the best, and B)GTAIV's 360 content will not be as impressive as you think, otherwise they would have corroborated M$oft's statements, which they haven't.

@Aleusia: Don't let him get to you. I've known him for a good while and this is just the way he is. It's pointless to attack him for it.
Lord Vader  +   2627d ago
Awesome !!!

Finally some MP news !!!
kosha  +   2627d ago
yep it sounds pretty good
chaosatom333  +   2627d ago
"Also in the single player mission "hangmans Noose" there will be co-op, the mission you and your friends will be able to escort a mafia man"

"he decides the number of peds, the flow of traffic, the intervention of police and the weapons. "

oh man, could my dream get any better.
brocool  +   2627d ago
oh yes.. finally my buds will be able to do more than watch
toughNAME  +   2627d ago
Anyone hear any news...
on co-op and/or a type of party system?
#18 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BeaArthur  +   2627d ago
I agree I would like to know more details on the actual matchmaking. Hopefully the host will have the option to kick people. From what I can tell from the article though it looks like it will have isolated co-op and then a free roam feature.
UnblessedSoul  +   2627d ago
I can't wait for this game, it's going to OWN
TheExecutive  +   2627d ago
I would have traded it all for a full co-op option.

Oh well though, I still think its a very impressive lineup and I am not going to complain about it.
ATLRoAcH  +   2627d ago
That sounds amazing.The multiplayer may become a hit all by itself.16 players, 15 modes(which all seem amazing and need I mention FREE ROAM), and the ability to fully customize your character. The anticipation is killing me.
#21 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mighty_douche  +   2627d ago
Dude, that's not anticipation, that's the Molotov c0cktail i just hurled at you from a speeding motor!!

last comment : ( lost 3 bubbles in one thread lol...
undacovabrothe  +   2627d ago
lol douche I did too
But anyway this sounds really impressive. I wonder when the dual shocks come to the US will they pull all the six-axis controllers because I got a warranty on a sixaxis controller and a broken controller and wonder if they would give me a dualshock in its place. Id like to have some rumble for GTA.
ATLRoAcH  +   2627d ago
Why you losing bubbles? I can throw you one so maybe thats a start in the mission that is... recovering your bubbles.

@19.2 Look a bubble.Also I have wondered myself what will happen to the old sixaxis.I guess they will drop production and let them deplete.I don't know if they will replace your six with a shock but that would be cool.My sixaxis' right analog stick well....sticks.Its pretty annoying when playing Warhawk and CoD:4.So I'm buying myself a DS3 without a doubt.
#21.3 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Diugu  +   2627d ago
@ Douche I'll begin giving them back to you...
#21.4 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dork0783  +   2627d ago
the cell
tidus007  +   2627d ago
@garbage BOT
shut up and play your DEAD BOX 3 FIX ME
THC CELL  +   2627d ago
tidus007 Bubble Up
you my friend is dumb take a good look who u are talking too

cause its not me pal
#22.2 (Edited 2627d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pain  +   2627d ago
And All Free on PSN ^^
Have Fun paying to get shoot by a NooB online kids.
le killer  +   2627d ago
is there going to be
pedestrians, and a living city still?

the reason why i ask is, how much bandwidth is the host going to need to be able too hold 16, with all that going on? are we gonna be talking starwars battlefront here.. a minimum of 1.5meg of upload to able to host a full room.

this does sound pretty tasty indeed. and after the joke that was saints row on-line, i'm even more looking forward to gta4. i've just moved to france and have a fibre connection in my house, but i'm gonna get the missus to speak to our provider and see if we can get the upload increased.

i want this, but it's gonna be crap if you need mega uploads to host a decent game. most of my mates back in the uk now have be* broadband that has 1.3meg up. mines not quite 1.5meg, i just hope that between us we can get something good going......fingers crossed now people!
undacovabrothe  +   2627d ago
I dont think the bandwidth is a problem really neccesarily in games with a lot of ppl. As long as the pedestrians are not running frantic around like mindless idiots with everyone on the screen together at once I dont think there will be a problem. I know games like resistance could hold like 100 players on it, but ofc you will never see that really because at that point the game may be too chaotic.
Bloodwar  +   2626d ago
Response to Undacova
Resistance is 40 players. Resistance 2 may get 60 players. Frontlines:Fuel of War for the 360 is 50 players or perhaps 64. Not sure which. And Huxley for the 360 is going to be 120 players.
DarkSniper  +   2627d ago
Thankfully, Dark Sniper will be able to enjoy this game online with his fellow Sony Snipers within the PLAYSTATION® Network community. All at no charge. Microslaves will need to make the requirement to PAY B3YOND what is normally a free service to enjoy the same online modes Sony Snipers will enjoy out of the box.

Daz  +   2627d ago
microslaves and palyslaves like you, so 50/50 really.
SRuN4  +   2627d ago
Oh man thats crazy. All I really wanted was like 4 player free roam, looking forward to some of those modes.
ceedubya9  +   2627d ago
I really haven't been a huge fan of this series, but it has looked very interesting up to this point, and the multiplayer possibilities just might push me over the edge of buying this game.
moujahed  +   2627d ago
This is what I've been asking for from GTA ever since part 3. Yea sure PC had multiplayer pataches, but there were no traffic, or peds. Now it's official, and you dont have to worry about having a kick ass PC for it to run well.

This, along with MGS4 / MGO is all I need to hold me untill FF XIII
bloop  +   2627d ago
Man I cant wait to get online and play some Cops 'n Crooks. That was always one thing I really wanted in a GTA.
TheExecutive  +   2627d ago
that is a really cool mode
sabbath420  +   2627d ago
You hardcore playstation fans are strange. Why so much hate? Are you that scared of competition? How does the xbox possibly hurt you so much that you take so much time to try and bash it? Amazing! I can understand being faithful to your brand name but come on.
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