Blades Of Time Review - CHAOS HOUR

Blades of Time is a Hack/Slash action adventure game following Ayumi, a sword wielding treasure hunter, through Dragon Land, a mystical world of fantasy, treasure and danger.

pon reaching Dragon Land after interrupting a ritual to transport to the world by her Guild Master, Ayumi is beset by fantastical beasts, living statues and some very annoying boulder flinging floating gargoyles. On the beginning of her journey to find her gun wielding side-kick Zero, she comes across a statue which imbues her with magical powers, most notably the ability to time jump. This ability makes up the core of the game’s unique gameplay and allows you to ‘jump’ back in time, essentially creating a clone of yourself to help fight of hordes of attackers, or simply get to a door which closed on you with moments to spare.

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