Strategy Informer: Sam & Max: Chariots of the Dogs Review

Strategy Informer writes:

"I generally love Sam and Max style humor. It's irreverent, culturally relevant and can be taken on many levels. In Chariots of the Dogs there were several times that I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of fifteen year old boys. Not to say that there weren't some very clever moments, in puzzles, gags and gameplay, but spelling out 'boobies' on a keypad and the innuendo jokes about baby making were lame and broke me out of the game and into groaning.

Overall I have no regrets about my time with Sam and Max and am looking forward to the Season Finale next month. I just hope the writers can keep dishing up what I, and I suspect others, have come to expect from their wit. It's a rough job…but that's why they make the big bucks, right?"

Graphics - 8
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 8
A.I. - 8
Value - 9
Overall -

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