Original Gamer Review - Age of Empires II HD Edition "The Age of Empires series stands as the perfect example of how to make learning fun. These unique RTS titles combine actual history; with stuff kids loved. It’s a great series, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was overjoyed when I heard that an HD remake was going to be released on Steam. The only concern I have is whether this HD remake is worth the $20 price tag, or if simply dusting off an old copy is a better option."

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US8F1836d ago

Not worth 20 dollars in my opinion. Atleast add something new to the game other than updated graphics. I'll stick to the mods

SilentNegotiator1836d ago

And MS killed off the developers. I'll just pirate the thing if the only real benefit is slightly updated graphics.

US8F1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Yea tell me about it. They split into two groups. One is working for Zynga(and you know what kind of games zynga makes) and the other one became robot entertainment, making games like orcs must die. Am I the only one who is hoping for a dark age real time strategy game that is similar to Age of Empires?.

SilentNegotiator1836d ago

I didn't know that about the Orcs Must Die devs. No wonder I love that series :)

dcbronco1836d ago

That game is well worth $20. I had hours and hours of fun with it. Beats the hell out of $15 for a movie that is an hour and a half and sucks on top of that.