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GameDynamo - "This fall, the cel-shaded seas will call once more. Nintendo will enter a region of gaming that it has never before set foot in: the HD remake. The game that will lead the Big N into this new world is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Thanks to the high-definition capabilities of the Wii U, fans old and new will be able to experience the tale of the cat-eyed Link and pirate princess Tetra like never before."

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blackbirdi1803d ago

the gamecube version its more appealing to me i don't like the HD shaders .... i have the impression that there is no cell shading at all like the original version

jsslifelike1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

You could very well be right. I dunno- that doesn't bother me as much as the supposed fact that Nintendo is leaving out all of the content that was cut from the original. THAT would have made it a must-buy(as writer stated).

The point about the Triforce fetch-quest near the end really doesn't irk me that much as I usually spend the latter Zelda games' playtime cleaning up Heart Pieces, Bottles, etc. anyway.

I just don't know if HD is enough for me to play for 5th or 6th time. ;)

darthv721803d ago

i like the possibility of using the gamepad as for the tingle tuner support. I have the GC game and the GBA link cable and remamber playing with the two connected.

It was interesting to say the least. Man i hope this remake lends some good ideas to remaking other cube games that supported gba connection. Especially Pac Man vs.

I can see using the gamepad as the control for pac man and seeing the entire grid while others use wiimotes to control the ghosts in a blacked out version of the grid on tv. That was a fun game to play with friends on the cube back in the day.

zalanis1802d ago

lol man, 5th or 6th time. really?? whats one more then?? might as well

Dj7FairyTail1803d ago

it kinda have Bioshock Infinite graphic

abzdine1803d ago

still not argument enough to buy a Wii U. i want a new Zelda adventure, not a remake. And on top of that Wind Waker is the weakest zelda episode imo

smoothdude1803d ago

So I boycotted this game long ago due to what they did with the graphics. I just started playing this with an emulator and I now really regret not playing it. It may not be the best Zelda, but it is a gem :)

Wii Dolphin Emulator = HD Graphics!!

AJBACK2FRAG1803d ago

I think WW was an amazing gorgeous fun experience for the GCN. I really am looking forward to this re release. Now hurry the heck up with Majora's Mask hd please?! My favorite game. I've been conjecturing the next new Zelda game will be a mmorpg! Just like Retro studios working on a new Eternal Darkness. So far off. Still better than Mikey P. though lol!

AWBrawler1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Your opinion is not fact. Many people love WindWaker. Its one of the highest selling Zeldas. Ironic sense it was on the Gamecube. Its also my favorite Zelda EVER

josephayal1803d ago

I may need to see this remake in action before I get 100% behind it, but TBH looks fantastic

Jadedz1803d ago

Though I've never managed to complete it. Gonna buy the Wii U version for off-tv play, and the added extras.

robinisme1803d ago

It's probably the last game that needed a HD bump up, played the GC version recently and it still looks fantastic!
...that being said, I'm looking forward to it and hoping they finish off those incomplete islands.
best Zelda in the series imo

diepdiep1803d ago

It would be very unlikely, but I hope Nintendo will add the temples that were cut from the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.