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Submitted by iGAM3R-VIII 960d ago | opinion piece

Announce your console now, Microsoft

There's an old saying that goes like this "Loose lips, sink ships" and while we're not dealing with ships here, but next-generation video game consoles, Adam Orth, formerly of Microsoft, learned the hard way that speaking your mind on social network sites isn't always the best policy.

Orth's resignation [or was he pushed?] from Microsoft this week comes after last week he told the internet to "Deal with it" over rumours that the next Xbox console would require an always-on internet connection. (Xbox One)

Dlacy13g  +   960d ago
LOL... let me sum up MS's response the title of this article:


and...."We do not comment on rumor or speculation. We value our loyal fans so the moment we have something to announce we will make sure the gaming community is made aware."
Zuperman   960d ago | Not a reply | show | Replies(6)
darthv72  +   960d ago
there is a difference between
announcing and revealing. sony announced their console but only revealed the controller. MS isnt one to simply announce, they like to show off their product so to answer questions people will have.

They did it with the original xbox, they did it with the 360, they will do it with the 720. when they feel the time is right they will announce to the world and reveal the system at the same time.

Patience my friends....patience.
g2gshow  +   960d ago

exactly preset response the only thing they care about is percentage ,stock they have whole teams to report that every day .who cares about costumers waiting the sheep's will be fighting to get in line for what ever we release. just to say they had if first. LET THE IDOT"S WAIT (ms) o yeah give the first two sucker's free game an t shirt. do i have to touch them (ms)yes look's good on camera
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aviator189  +   960d ago
They've had a countdown on major nelson's website for over 3 months now, so you can pretty much guess when they'll be announcing it.
Cocozero  +   960d ago
MS knows how to build hype, everyone wants to know about the 720 and the PS4 is already getting less articles for it when its been announced.
Ashlen  +   960d ago
I highly doubt this is the type of "hype" they want. Especially considering they fired a guy over it.

And I can't imagine there are many people who are saying things like "always online drm, just what I was hoping for!" and I doubt there are many PS loyalists who are thinking "mind blown i'm switching to MS now!"
Jek_Porkins  +   960d ago
I actually doubt MS fired Orth for the "Deal with it" comments, more likely it was the fact that he was in heated arguments with Microsoft customers, and he was also being pretty immature by poking fun of where people lived, if I had to guess that is probably the main reason he was let go.

Microsoft has indeed gotten a ton of hype, and everyone will want to check out their reveal, but in no way should Microsoft rush their reveal just to deny rumors, it wouldn't make for a very good event and I'd rather wait and see the unveiling the way Microsoft originally intended.

Also, any person with some intelligence will take a wait and see approach to the earlier rumors, hopefully the newer rumors that are coming out that state the Xbox 720 wont be DRM and will play used games will hold people over till Microsoft actually decides to announce something.

Announcing a console by denying rumors would be a terrible way to do it in my opinion.
blackstrr411  +   960d ago
MS's current fan base is enough. I don't think they are thinking of bringing sony fanboys. They just wanna please their loyal fans (hopefully)
Dee_91  +   960d ago
MS didnt Fire Orth he resigned.Forced resignation? we dont know.Either way somebody getting "fired" or resigning because of a rumor isnt a good look.I believe he violated a contract by even speaking about it or mentioning it.That would be a main reason for him to " leave"
I honestly believe it wont be an requirement.
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Oh_Yeah  +   960d ago
Hype is hype, a ton of gamers are talking about it right? So it's staying fresh in gamers minds and that's what they want. The fact is, Microsoft won't require always online to run games...after all the criticism and backlash they received from rrod you think they'd do something like this? Cmon now. They'd be losing sales also...and you know they're all about sales first and foremost.
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brave27heart  +   960d ago
All hype is not equal.

Negative press, people jumping on rumours of unwanted features, having someone resign over poorly worded and offensive comments. This isnt good hype. Its damaging hype.

People should stop trying to justify it because its their console of choice. If Sony were pulling this stuff Id be screaming bloody murder at them.
Riderz1337  +   960d ago
Actually I want to know more about the PS4 lol. Still haven't seen what SSM or ND is up to for next gen. I could care less about games like Halo, Forza or Gears. No innovation in those games and it just seems like it will be more of the same from Microsoft this gen.
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nix  +   959d ago
Coco.. you so funny.
Godmars290  +   960d ago
At this point, whether they wanted to and especially or not, They're going to have to address the always online issue during their main E3 presentation if they don't have an event before.
Dlacy13g  +   960d ago
So legit they really have to address the always online issue OR do they merely need to announce the console and allow the conference itself answer those questions? Could they not quiet all the rumors one way or another by just giving their regular conference including specs?

I just wonder how much they really feel they need to address it vs just ignore it now and announce then.
Godmars290  +   960d ago
If they don't address it satisfactorily, if they leave any room for negative rumors to remain, they will.

And honestly, if any of the Kinect rumors are half true I sincerely hope that general consumers offer criticism of being exploited in that way.

Bad enough we have to deal with the current level of internet intrusion we do.
Kurama1   960d ago | Spam
rainslacker  +   960d ago
At this point, if false, a firm denial, with no room for misinterpretation to meaning, would be needed at the conference. If false, they will not want one shred of this rumor to remain in the consumers eyes. It may get people talking/arguing, but it isn't going to be what they want people talking/arguing about. If false, all it would take is one sentence saying, "The console is not required to be connected to the internet to play games." At this point they could go into what being connected provides.

If true, they will need to address it in a firm way that explains why it's online, and what exactly that means. Vague sayings like "we are always interested in providing the consumer with the best experience" just aren't going to cut it. The community will disseminate the information, and MS will be right back where they were 3 days ago. Despite whatever else they announce during their 90 minute conference, this would be the only thing being talked about. The media will insure that, because it's already proven to be a major hit generator for the web sites.

I'd imagine even if they denied the rumors beforehand, they would still deny them during the conference. If it's true, they would likely put out something that goes over the idea briefly, and then expand on it with a lot of PR spin during the reveal. If true, an inordinate amount of time is going to have to be spent on it during the reveal. If false, on sentence is all that's needed.

One thing to keep in mind, it is the bulk of our community which buys these things in the first year. We are their major market for that first year. Wii was just an anomaly in this trend. If you want to know what happens to a console that has trouble selling it's first year...well look at the Wii U. Hated on for no good reason, with pitiful showings from 3rd party, and in Nintendo's case even 1st party support.

One thing here, while not related to MS or a rumor, Sony did have a really bad negative scenario in the press with their PSN hack. The E3 following that whole ordeal, it is the very first thing that was addressed by Jack Tretton after greeting the audience. He said what happened, what they did to fix it, what exactly the hack involved in relation to the consumer besides the outage, offered something in return for consumer inconvenience, and then went into a humble PR speech.

While this is still a rumor, the press for it is still almost as bad. It will remain for as long as the issue generates heat among the community, and for the time being, this is the only really negative thing that has any legs to stand on, although I personally doubt it will come to pass.
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brave27heart  +   960d ago
Good question. Am I really in the comments section of N4G??

Whether its true or not they just need to come out and be clear on it. Sony were very clear there wouldnt be backwards compatability and although a lot of flack came their way its better to be open about it than have it come out in an interview post reveal. If the always on features are true for games people are either going to acept it or not, but if MS are open about it people are more likely to accept it.

Its like politicians. We'll accept most things if we believe we're being told the open whole truth. If we find out through some backwards channels we feel lied to and distrust them. MS are best to address these concerns at a reveal and be open about it.
waltyftm  +   960d ago
Just got off the phone withh Microsoft head office, the next XboX is a tablet/handheld.

brave27heart  +   960d ago
Just got off the phone with Sony. Their updated Vita hardware (release date tbc) doubles as a toaster.
DOMination-  +   959d ago
could the Xbox Mini = Handheld ?

Probably not..
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Supermax  +   960d ago
Nope not a tablet handset but it does come with a tablet that is used for navigating the ui and smart glass functionality.
clintos59  +   960d ago
I told alot of my friends & family how the ps3 would have cross game chat but taken to another level on the ps4 with almost any secondary device, like the psp, vita, your phone etc etc. They also been questionable about the lack of new 360 exclusives & said they wont make the same mistake next gen.

The only reason most of them stuck with the 360 was because they invested too much in it to just turn their back & alot of their friends were on the 360 because it was alot cheaper then the ps3.

I dont think the 720 will be as successful as its die hard fans think it will be. A good example is look at the world wide sales every month & the ps3 outsells the 360 despite the 360 being alot cheaper. Even if they have a great e3 it wont save them from coming in last place again 3 straight gens.
clintos59  +   960d ago
I meant ps4 on that 1st line.

Also add in xbl wont be free.
720 will have the less library of AAA exclusives.
720 will have less indie exclusives out of the 2.
720 will have tv shows and all but we will be able to stream all that online with the ps4 so a cable box is useless.
T-What  +   959d ago
I agree, They had a 1 year head start, they were cheaper, and the RROD in its first few years added a ton to the sells of the 360 but it was still out sold by the ps3 most of the time. I actually see the 720 selling much less then the 360 and thats if the rumors are not true.
Belking  +   960d ago
It's obvious that they have no need to rush. I can't wait til they do announce. It's gonna be a huge event unmatched by any other. MS goes all out when they do things like that. XBOX720 will be the talk of the industry when i's revealed. Some stuff maybe not so good and some stuff will be mindblowing, but will be out there and the games will be awesome.
Saleem101  +   960d ago
Really lol I can see it now Microsoft brings usher on stage to introduced the audience to kinect 2.0 dance edition...#casualbox
Belking  +   960d ago
At least they don't fire their celebrities..(K. Butler)lol.. You suckers are just jealous that xbox news is coming in now. I know their show will be better than the other one which seemed rushed and lacked proper information.
Mikeyy  +   960d ago
Yeah... MS goes all out by having Balmer dance around like a jackass, Then he stops. turns toward the crowd, and reaches down his pants. Then he whips out his giant Kinect.

And proclaims this is the generation of the Kinect. Suddenly 70 million MS fanboys cry out in terror.
Saleem101  +   960d ago
Why is adam orth being use ask scapegoat lol he was honest...#dealwithit #inferior console..
Max-Zorin  +   960d ago
The trolling is strong in this comment section. Stay classy N4G.
HG_69   960d ago | Spam
Agent_hitman  +   960d ago
M$: No way!!! we won't... We are the kings of console

Sony: Okay, expect your fall down.
TheKayle1  +   959d ago
wait the show...then someome will hide...and someone will laugh...and im sure ill laugh a lots

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