6 Xbox 720 Game Titles Rumored, Revealed and Confirmed

As the Xbox event draws ever so nearer, it seems that leaks and rumors surrounding the still unannounced console is slowly making its way out of the Microsoft fortress.

This time, four game titles have been added to the growing list of confirmed, hinted, or rumored games that will be coming to the next-gen Xbox console.

Ryse and Forza as next-gen Xbox launch titles. Judging from the way Ryse never released on the current Xbox and that there have been no news of the game being dropped by Crytek, it's not impossible to see that the delay for the release has been put to good use in the drawing boards to make the game compatible with the next-gen console.

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Yeah, except that they aren't.

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Lmaoooo that Truck is full of Win!!!! Bubbles!

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Really.. A immature bubble? :'( What does a guy have to do to get a funny bubble around here?

Mods hate me...

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Funny ish overall. Made me laugh at a good time.

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Rumored and confirmed should never be used in the same sentence.

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im tired of this....... i dont want to hear or see topics on ms till microsoft opens its big greedy mouth

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it's everywhere dude thats my point

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I really can't wait what Xbox 720 will have

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@Stage you don't like Xbox so why does matter to you?

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Me too! I'm very excited because we all know Microsoft will have it's own amazing things to announce, just like Sony did in February.

I am also definitely interested in the PS4 (being an Xbox gamer this gen) and what it has to offer. Hard to bash Microsoft's console at this point as it's technically nonexistent at the moment!!

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lol 25 people disagree about what you want XD love this place

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