The next-generation Xbox will not be always-online

There is absolutely no way that the next-generation Xbox will be a completely always-online console. It simply doesn’t make sense from a business perspective for Microsoft.

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stage881954d ago

All rumours are pointing to always online so not really 'duh'.

ichimaru1953d ago

...well appeareantly not "all rumors"
trying to use a rumor against a rumor is sad. laughable even

GreenRanger1954d ago

I find it annoying that Microsoft won't just come out and talk about it.
Even if they announce at E3 that the Xbox 720 won't need an always-on connection and put an end to all the rumors and speculation, E3 is still months away.
If they know they're going to start a shitstorm, then they should just get it over with.

Jek_Porkins1954d ago

It's all about how you unveil your product, announcing your product by saying it isn't always online would be a terrible way to reveal it.

Some more positive rumors have surfaced, and we still haven't gotten definitive answers from Sony on the used game issue. It's not like the console is coming out in a few weeks, we literally have close to 8 months (most likely) before they release, you cant even pre-order a PS4 yet, so I think patience is required, let Microsoft show off their console the way they originally intended, I mean Sony didn't change their plans last year when they had the same rumors, they waited and revealed on their own free will, Microsoft should be allowed the same chance.

I think it odd that Sony was in the same rumor hell last year and nobody said "They need to just come out and deny this". They revealed info when they wanted, so Microsoft should do the same.

Ezz20131954d ago

"""we still haven't gotten definitive answers from Sony on the used game issue"""

dude plz at least do some research before you talk

bohemian 231953d ago

If they tell everyone now than there will be nothing left to talk about. Since they haven't said anything about the console the " any press is good press" theory applies here. I remember before 360/ps3 launch this site was the same way. "Sony is finished" or "360 is going to fail". 7 years later and they are both still here and the cycle starts over. Neither console will win and unless you directly benefit financially, I don't know why you would care. Look what happened when EA won the NFL rights, is that what we want it to be like with consoles? No choice?

Lifebanisher1954d ago

oh please if it's not always online microsoft wouldv'e shot the rumor down in an hour the very first article that would come out about it already.. who knows what they are doing now? they might be taking it off tho due to bad reactions that they have been getting, they would be wise to do so and dumb to go with it. see you microsoft fans better thank sony for the competition.

ichimaru1953d ago

"if it's not always online microsoft wouldv'e shot the rumor down in an hour" except they don't comment on rumors....

bohemian 231953d ago

Maybe there is a feature that they don't want anyone to know about that would require an "always on" connection. If they just came out and said yes it will require an Internet connection but they don't say why, than everyone will be pissed off and it would make the situation worse. We can speculate all day but until they announce it doesn't really matter.

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