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What's Worse, EA or Adam Orth? // The DLB-Network Gaming Podcast - Episode 174

"This weeks show is filled with a lot of interesting topics, including Adam Orth and his “always-on” tweets and resulting controversy, we also talk about EA earning the 'highly valued' award of the worst company in America, along with the possibility of PS4 launching worldwide at the end of this year at a possible price of $530, all that and more on this weeks DLB-Network Gaming Podcast!" (Adam Orth, EA, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

US8F  +   743d ago
EA HANDS DOWN!, no need to go to listen to a podcast to hear someones oppinion. Orth treated some people like crap on his tweet, but EA's been doing it for years
Anthotis  +   743d ago
I say burn them both.
oof46  +   743d ago
Orth. Microsoft is trying to keep everything under wraps until they are prepared to divulge it. There are rumors swirling, but nothing concrete, and then one of their employees blasts fans concerns regarding the one thing that they are worried about.
4lc4pon3  +   743d ago
there both junk
Tzuno  +   743d ago
As a couple? their child.

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