Tales producer comments on Symphonia's success, Wii U

"During Namco Bandai Games' Manhattan press conference last week, where they showed off the likes of Armored Core: Verdict Day and Dark Souls II, I had the chance to sit at a round-table with Tales series producer Hideo Baba.

Baba, showing off the upcoming Tales of Xillia, said in passing that GameCube's Tales of Symphonia was the most successful Tales game in the West. Naturally, I asked why he felt that particular game resonated so well with western gamers, and asked what his thoughts were on the Wii U.", writes Destructoid.

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DivineAssault 1922d ago

good.. I want vesperia too so make it happen.. Not to mention that game that came out in japan a while back called tales of xillia 2! we still havent got 1!! But better late than never.. I hope vita picks up steam because i want the tales games japan has on mine

Luke_fon_Fabre1921d ago

Borrow a 360 for vesperia. play with a friend who has one or something

DivineAssault 1921d ago

i played & beat vesperia 3x on my 360 but the PS3 has extended content that i want to see.. It was one of my favorite jrpgs this gen

ScubbaSteve1921d ago

You know why Symphonia did so well in the west?

It was localized.

Not being able to buy the game seems to hurt the sales.

kreate1921d ago

There was also a drought in games on the gamecube around that time frame.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1921d ago

ToS is one of my favorite JRPGs.
I need to get Tales of abyss on 3DS and Tales of Graces F on PS3 this summer.

Nate-Dog1921d ago

Funnily enough I have been recently hunting down a copy of Symphonia which is obviously hard to find. Found one in a local retro game store but it was €70 and didn't even look like it was in great condition. I shall keep up my attempts despite not owning a Gamecube currently as I have only heard great things about the game and that it's supposedly even better than Vesperia.

Gemmol1921d ago

I have my copy still, it is great condition, I sold my wii lol, I just realize if I wanted to play it in the future I have to buy a wii

Nate-Dog1920d ago

Wait wait wait, you can play Gamecube games on the Wii? *facepalm* I never even knew this and have been planning on getting a Wii for a while. Thanks for the tip!

LastXeno1921d ago

Why put it on the Vita instead of 3DS if you're focussing on Japan? The 3DS is basically taking over Japan due to Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon.

dark-kyon1921d ago

the reason is what the psvitas tales are remakes of tales of what are of nintendo ds.the point is make a definitive version of the beta version and sold to the true fans of the series,the 3ds only can get betas how tales of grace of wii,tales of vexperia of xbox360.

DragonKnight1921d ago

Yes, let's hope the developers don't put ANY games on the Vita, that will ensure success. /s

TruthbeTold1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I would VERY much love to play a Tales game on my Wii U. Especially perhaps an HD remake of Symphonia on the console. But he's right. The bulk of the fanbase owns PS3's. I've waited forever for Xillia release to be announced, and just like I did with Graces f, I'll be playing it on PS3.

Nintendo needs to help with the process again, and bring in a timed exclusive.

Though to be honest, I'd be satisfied to see Symphonia characters as 'Trophies' that assist in the next Smash Bros, and more timely Western Playstation releases for Tales games as a bottom line.

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