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CGM Reviews Defiance

If you haven’t been following the development of Defiance, roughly two years ago the SyFy channel finally got the ball rolling on their dream to create a trans-media event. They made a single universe split down the center of your television screen. Coming in through the cable box is a weekly, hour long science fiction show about a human-alien colony trying to survive in a dystopian version of St. Louis. But there’s also a game, a MMO 3rd person shooter set in the San Francisco Bay Area, played online through your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC. (Defiance, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 70/100

GadgetGooch  +   775d ago
Been playing the game a lot now since Tuesday and once you get over the graphics/audio and AI (Which will only get better through patches)i find the game to be excellent, Seeing as it's the first proper MMO on the 360 (Not counting TDU 1/2)It is fun, engaging, addictive and definitely makes you want to come back for more, i especially like the massive grouping of players when trying to smash the crystals and kill the giant alien host bug thingy..i cant wait till the show starts.....loving it.
caroldonna842  +   775d ago
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