Survival Of The Fittest… Anomaly 2 Preview | PixelPerfectGaming

The highly anticipated sequel to Anomaly is almost here. For gamers not familiar with the series, Anomaly is a tower defense game with a few added twists. Things have been amped up and some major changes have been applied to Anomaly 2. In fact, the features that gamers wanted in the previous game will finally come to light in this sequel.

Anomaly 2 now includes the ability to transform your units. With this new ability, you can turn normal Assault Hounds into mech dwelling Hell Hounds or Sludge Hammers into Rocket Hammers. This adds an exciting new element to the gameplay.

You can now battle your enemies when caught in close quarters. Granted, the new formations are not always suited for every situation, but they do come in handy when you’re wedged inside small areas.

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