Eurogamer: Final Fantasy CC: Ring of Fates Review

It's in the multiplayer that Ring of Fates excels, and Eurogamer have no problem with recommending it thoroughly to anyone who fancies some co-op action RPG fun with their friends. On the strength of excellent multiplayer and enjoyable if somewhat flawed single-player, they also have no problem rating Ring of Fates fairly highly - but they suspect that the lack of single-card multiplayer or WFC support is going to be a huge disappointment to many players.

Let the buyer beware; this is a great game, but continuing the traditions of its predecessor, it may well not be the great game for you.

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PS360WII3754d ago

hmm I'm playing the single player story right now and so far no big flaws I've seen. In fact a few reviews I've read say the single player story seems to be the focus.... strange how some reviews can be complete opposite than others. Ah well fun game so far give us more Square Enix! ^^