Five Types of Video Game Levels That Induce Panic Attacks In Me

UM writes: You want to know how I know I am getting old? Because games that I used to find challenging, I now find impossible. I swear to you, there was a time when I could convince myself to beat any game, and I would just sit down and do it. But that vigor is all but deflated out of me, as has the patience required to beat certain types of games and levels. When I look back at my gaming past, I realize I had some real hints of masochism in there. I would spend DAYS trying to beat one particular part of a level or game I was stuck on, and wouldn’t stop until I did.

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Gravity_DoGG1922d ago

Ocarina of time water temple - biggest fear EVER

Anthotis1922d ago

Escort missions are the bane of my existence. That, and any mission where you need to rely on an NPC to keep themselves alive e.g. many of the missions in Far Cry 3, with Sam controlling the mounted gun mission being the prime example.

Completing missions like that are often down to luck, rather than player skill, and you can fail the mission a hundred times before the Gods take pity on you and allow you to succeed.

greedybear881922d ago

completely agree. Dislike escort missions and missions where you must keep another NPC alive by protecting them. I also hate 'protect this building/object for X amount of time' missions.

waltyftm1922d ago

Rotating towers of spikey instant fall and try a fucking million times type levels do it for me :) then they go and make the next bit even cuntacularly harder, God of war is a prime example.