Five TV Shows that Could Use Great Video Game Adaptations

UM writes: After last year’s Walking Dead proved that video games adapted from TV shows didn’t necessarily have to be terrible, I started to think about what other games truly have the potential to succeed in the medium of gaming.

With the right amount of resources devoted to the project, it’s entirely possible that these five shows could result in some particularly fantastic games.

I’ve taken the liberty to theorize about what a few of these might look like, along with the type of game that would work best for the universe. Read on and see if you agree below. I also welcome your own ideas in the comments.

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US8F1949d ago

Game of thrones. We really need an open world AAA Quality game for it. Someone has to perfect it!

Root1949d ago

Archer would be fantastic

The online couls play like Uncharted 2s.....some of the taunts would be hillarious. Would definitely play Pam

Heisenburger1949d ago






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The story is too old to be commented.