Rumor | New PlayStation All-Stars MMO In The Works For PS4?

Rumors state that a PlayStation themed MMO may be coming to PS4.

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iXenon1705d ago

Very, very interesting. If it's true, I can't wait to see how it turns out

ThatMiamiGuy1705d ago

I have no time to keep up and play MMOs. But if this turns out to be true, I might give it a shot... especially if it's free.

iXenon1705d ago

That raises another question, if it's F2P, will Sony keep it in beta forever like PlayStation Home

*dramatic bangs on organ keys*

ThatMiamiGuy1705d ago


Ouch. That would be terrible. >.<

SoundGamer1705d ago

@ThatMiamiGuy @iXenon

Or DUST 514. Isn't that still in beta? lol

Only MMOs on the PS3 that have worked so far are SOE MMOs - Free Realms and DC Universe.

DUST 514 still has problems, PS Home is another story all together, and we're still waiting on FF XIV.

dboi7871705d ago

I'm trying to imagine how this all plays out in one big universe. Truly incredible if it works out right.

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BullyMangler1705d ago

ha haa . as long as its unique this time

profgerbik1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

That sounds like a terrible idea.. Seriously. MMO's are very hard to sell nowadays, they truly have to be something original.

All-Stars MMO would not work, so that can't be it. There are just too many MMO's no one would care enough for that..

smashcrashbash1705d ago

You mean playing an MMO as Sony characters Hmmmm..... Not sure what to think of that

dboi7871705d ago

My body is not ready. o.o

WeAreLegion1705d ago

I...need more details. I love the PlayStation characters, but what is this? How does it work? Exploring various PlayStation worlds? A LittleBigPlanet MMO makes more sense. Actually, I want both. Lol.

dboi7871705d ago

I wonder how they would incorporate the incredibly different gameplay styles of each character and universe. I agree, we need more details, but I am certainly intrigued. Plus, we'll be able to see every relevant (or irrelevant) character in true next gen!! :o

WeAreLegion1705d ago

Agreed. I hope this happens though. :)

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