Community Voice: Is EA Really The 'Worst Company In America'?

"Vivid Gamer wants to ask you readers if you agree with the result of Consumerist’s poll that names EA as the “Worst Company in America.” Do you believe that it’s possible for EA to fix and learn from the problems that have arisen? Please comment below and tell us what you think."

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theherp801950d ago

I think there are a few things EA can work on for sure, but the same can be said for many other gaming companies. They just happen to publish a ton of games every year. That said they also are one of the largest mobile gaming publishers along with being voted the best reviewed company by Metacritic. Looking at the most recent titles I bought from EA, I can't say that I'm so unhappy with the product that I would call them a terrible company. FIFA, NHL, NFS Most Wanted, Dead Space 3, Tiger Woods 14, BF3 they're not bad games at all and outside of DS3 I think they're all high quality games.

So idk, i think a lot this is just ridiculous especially since we're comparing a video game company with other companies that do so much more harm to consumers.