A Few Reasons to Consider Sitting Out of Next-Gen

Marketing departments and flashy trailers pressure us to abandon this generation for its successor as soon as possible. To fight these feelings, Gamers Association editor Luke Frazier explains a few reasons why it might be wise to sit out of nex-gen, at least for a little while.

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FrigidDARKNESS1955d ago

I think both Sony MS have lesrned from there mistakes and are poised to make gen so much better.

Qrphe1955d ago

The only legitimate reasons are not having played a lot of games from the previous gen and that new gens are always expensive. I know some people always claim to be disappointed with graphics every gen but this usually changes from launch to within a year of the new console.

dedicatedtogamers1955d ago

Next gen, I'm going to be focusing on fewer, high-quality games and more consoles. I will eventually get a WiiU, I already own a Vita and 3DS, I have a gaming PC, I'll get a PS4 (probably a year after launch), and I might even get a NextBox as long as there aren't yearly fees.

But I'll be very, very picky about the games I buy. I have plenty of money but limited time. I'd rather have access to all of the top-tier games than have to settle for okay games just because I didn't buy the console I wanted.

avengers19781955d ago

If your a gamer than you really can't just " sit out" next gen... You just will have to play the awesome games that are on the next gen consoles. I need to play KZSF and Infamous second son, I NEED to play them. And when all devs are focused on making games that fully utilize the new tech, there. Won't be new games coming out on old consoles.

cpayne931955d ago

If you "NEED" to play them you may have a problem... plus we can't really say how good those games will be yet. I'll be taking a step back next gen, I'll be playing all those classics I missed from the nes days to current gen. It's just too much money to jump onto next gen, I'll wait until late in the ps4 and 720's lifespan. I may get a Wii U sooner than that if more games come out for it and I can get a good deal.

The only thing that might make me eat my words is if my friends convince me to get a next gen system. Might end up feeling lonely if they all move on.

avengers19781955d ago

I'm getting all these disagrees but everyone seems to be saying that they will wait not " sit out"... There's a difference

MYSTERIO3601955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

yeah i know right, i also can't wait to play those games and with the possibility of GT6 coming at launch on the PS4 im all in. #Proof of GT6 on PS4

ApolloTheBoss1955d ago

Yeah, no way. You may wait a year or two before you buy a console, but there's no way you're missing out on next gen. Especially next-gen!

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The story is too old to be commented.