OMG HD Zombies detonating all over again on the Vita

How many zombies can you kill with one shot? That's often what the PSP game came down to and its getting a HD revamp from Laughing Jackal to add to the tide of sparkling Vita arcade games on the way and following on from the slightly less bloody but just as fun Hungry Giraffe.

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Mounce2073d ago

I already saw the PSM version that was for free at some point and I downloaded it and have all of the levels Platinum except the one ridiculously impossible one that has ALL Police zombies who're walking Up/down/left/right and there're no explosions or regular zombies. The timing has to be impossibly robotic-like in knowing When and where and which zombie to attack to make the chain work...

The_Samurai_122072d ago

I know exactly which one you are talking about. It took me so long to platinum that stage.... ridiculous! -_-