Why Do People Defend Terrible Games?

Pretty much all gamers have an example of it in their own lives. Try to picture this—you buy a game that looks really cool on the shelf, go home, and realize that it’s actually not as awesome as you initially thought. When I was younger, this usually meant getting an N64 or GameCube game based on recognizing a character or knowing a license (THQ!), and I was burned a few times on some games I expected to be a lot better than they turned out to be.

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Snookies121956d ago

Because games are art, and everyone's tastes are different. Just because a majority of people didn't like a game, doesn't mean it can't be good to someone else. How about letting people have their own opinions without trying to tell them that they're wrong because they like something they shouldn't.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1956d ago

I always defended dead island for the co op and people always blasted me for it.

GamingAngelGabriel1956d ago

Dead Island in particular seems to have people on both extremes. Either you love it or you hate it.

guitarded771956d ago

@ Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II

With which account, because you created this one 62 days ago?

On topic: I enjoy some crappy/mediocre games, but I would never argue a technical mess. If a game is technically broken, their defense is not legitimate.

Ezz20131955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

there is not one game that every one would agree it's good or bad
you will always find people who love games that other people find it bad and the other way around

like they say
"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

darthv721955d ago

those who would see fit to call good games bad. Its just personal taste.

Not all games a re good and not all games are bad but we can all agree to disagree. There are some games which many proclaim is the best thing since sliced bread and I feel differently.

There are games many feel suck hard and I feel differently. But i am not one to chastise another person for their opinion on something because we are human and are not designed to agree on everything.

SilentNegotiator1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Oh yeah, because Dead Island got SUUUUCH bad reception.

People defend objectively terrible games like DNF because they have awful taste.

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Blaze9291956d ago

another man's trash is another man's treasure. simply as that. Some will be pleased with just having fun with a game while some will bash a game till the earth's end.

MysticStrummer1956d ago

"How about letting people have their own opinions without trying to tell them that they're wrong because they like something they shouldn't."

We can't do that in a society where people are pressured, either directly or indirectly, to conform or be an outcast to one extent or another. We've created a sick system and the symptoms can be seen all over the place.

admiralvic1955d ago

I always thought it was the blessing of negative hype. Basically, similar to how hype can over shoot expectations, negative hype lowers your expectations and you can focus on the more redeeming parts. This is a HUGE reason why you see critically poor titles get some defenders well after release.

suzanne3n1955d ago

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dedicatedtogamers1956d ago

Two reasons:

1) Some of the people who got hyped, swore the game would be 10/10 material, shelled out $60 on a brand-new game and then found out it sucks don't want to openly admit that they're stupid for betting on the wrong horse

2) Because "terrible" is subjective, just like "amazing". Personally, I think Bioshock Infinite is average. A lot of people think it's "amazing". Who is right? Both of us, and neither of us. It's just an opinion.

Panthers1955d ago

I had the same feeling as well. The gameplay is pretty average. But the story is getting better and better. I havent beaten it yet but still. At first I was wondering where all of the praise was coming from, but now Im starting to see it. Its all about the story with that game.

And for me, story is whats most important.

GamingAngelGabriel1956d ago

If you read my piece, you'll see that I actually mention that it's good to find the fun in everything, but that if we push companies to produce better products, we'll all be better off.

Roccetarius1956d ago

A lot of people buying games are just looking at the fun aspect. Not a whole lot of them will tear the game apart, which is what the more informed gamers will do.

It's the sad reality.

MysticStrummer1956d ago

Except better is subjective, just like fun.

Donnieboi1956d ago

Two words: Blind fanboyisms

rezzah1956d ago

It is perception.

While fanboys do exists (well the meaning given to these people), not everything opposing an opinion is fanboyism.

Neonridr1956d ago

To each their own. No matter how bad a game is, for every 1000 gamers that hate it, there will always be a handful that love it. Crazy or unbalanced as they may be.. ;)

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