Defiance Angry Review - Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe plays and reviews Defiance. Click to check out his review of the SyFy channel's tie-in video game to their new series.

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from the beach1807d ago

'Angry' review = instant no watch, lol.

MrAnderson1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

You're so funny "lol" wait no, the dude is called Angry Joe, doing the "Angry Joe Show" and all his reviews are called "Angry Review" it's his marketing gimmick, i'm sure he couldn't care less that you're not gonna watch it, troll somewhere else.

from the beach1807d ago

Wow, sorry Angry Joe, didn't expect you to read my comment and get angry!

adorie1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Angry Joe = Instant Watch

His reviewsare quite good, even with all that fluff he does for the fans and for the sake of humor, I like his honesty about the games he's reviewing and the fact he knows wtf he's talking about. Be it pointing out a flaw like excessive screen tearing or drawing up old information from old school gaming, then correlating that info to a game he's reviewing today.

He's not stupid and I still think Geoff Keighley was a snob to him and being a butthole when Joe tried to interview him.

This guy needs his 15 mins. His show has some decent production value for being a solo gig and he's easy on the senses.

Cursing in reviews is also a plus while being professional. LMAO

NYC_Gamer1807d ago

100% agree,AJ reviews are always full of passion.

adorie1807d ago

from the breach, has anyone ever told you that the Link in your avatar looks like he just took a bong rip? :O!

TheOtherSide1807d ago

Love is reviews and humor : )

Lovable1807d ago

This guys is so funny! Love his reviews

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The story is too old to be commented.